Black Forest

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Charles Huettner for

Dog With Electric Collar

A dog… An electric collar… And plenty to bark at… Sparks will fly! by Steve Baker.

AFI winner for Best Short Animation 2008.

Stay Home

A house at the center is home to dog and cat. The sun shines down, and a day goes by.

Created by Caleb Wood.


Definition: Singularity is the center of a black hole, where the curvature of space time is maximal. At the singularity, the gravitational tides diverge; no solid object can even theoretically survive hitting the singularity. (acc.

“The project started in the end of May 2011, when I contacted Kattoo, asking if I could use his music for my animation. After getting his approval , I was jumping and dancing around my laptop in joy. If only I knew how much trouble I just got myself into. I am kidding of course, however every step of creation was hard. First of all when I decided what I want to do considering animation, I had no clue how to approach my idea. But thanks to the internet and people out there I was slowly getting my answers. Another problem was in hardware. My old Macbook was working days and nights. I was taking me about 30-35 hours to render one scene. And if I found out that I made a mistake somewhere, I had to do everything all over again. Anyways even though this whole project is covered with blood, sweat and tears of mine, at the end I realised that it didn’t come out as I planned. However I understand that it is only my first project of that kind and it is only a starting point for more exciting projects in future.”

Diving Through Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Palau is a special place. Film / Edit: Sarosh Jacob.

Jellyfish Lake is located on Eli Malk island in the Republic of Palau. Twelve thousand years ago these jellyfish became trapped in a natural basin on the island when the ocean receded. With no predators amongst them for thousands of years, they evolved into a new species that lost most of their stinging ability as they no longer had to protect themselves. They are harmless to humans although some people with very sensitive skin may get a minor irritation from them.

These fascinating creatures survive by sharing a symbiotic relationship with algae that live inside of them. At night, the jellyfish go down to the depths of the lake where the algae feed on nutrients. During the day, the jellyfish come back to the surface and follow the sun across the lake in a massive migration. The algae convert the energy of the sun via photosynthesis into a sugar that feeds the jellyfish.

It is not possible to scuba dive in this lake because the nutrient rich layer at around 50 feet and below contains hydrogen sulphide which is highly toxic to humans. If a scuba diver was to swim in that layer, the toxins would enter the body through the skin and that exposure could be fatal. Snorkeling however, is perfectly safe and if you ever find yourself in Palau one day, you should make your way to this special place. The experience of swimming through millions of jellyfish is quite surreal and Palau is the only place in the world where you can do just that!

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Illustrations by Rogelio Puhl

Eine Auswahl von außergewöhnlichen Illustrationen des brasilianischen Designstudios Rogelio Puhl.

| Illustrations © Rogelio Puhl |

Studie Eins by Matthias Heiderich

Der aus Berlin stammende Fotograf Matthias Heiderich hat bereits einige beeindruckende Fotoserien geschaffen, die es auf seiner Website zu bewundern gibt. “Studie Eins” ist sein neustes Projekt.

| Photography © Matthias Heiderich | via |

Uncommon Places

Grey Skateboard Magazine and Converse recently took a road trip through Europe with no fixed route or destination. Uncommon Places is the outcome of our adventure.

Featuring Harry Lintell, Rory Milanes, Charlie Young and Phil Parker. Film by Henry Edwards-Wood.

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Animated Short: This One Time…

The Works Of Martijn Van Dam

Herausragende Digitalarbeiten des in Amsterdam, Niederlande lebenden Grafikdesigner Martijn van Dam. Auf seiner Website Super Silo kann man noch viel mehr erstaunliche Bilder des Künstler entdecken. Seine genialen Noisia-Coverartworks oder die Fyler und Poster für Championsound und Spektrum sind eine Freude für die Augen. Mehr Videos zu der Entstehung seiner Bilder auf Vimeo.

“This time I thought it would be nice to show the work process of the illustration for the latest Champion Sound flyer. All was done using Adobe Photoshop and a tiny bit of Illustrator. The video consists of two parts: first the creation of the spacecraft, second the creation of a city backdrop.”

| Illustrations © Martijn van Dam |