Hollow: When The Evening Sun Goes Down

When the evening sun goes down. You will find me. Hanging round.

Directed by Oliver Franklin Anderson.

Grafitismo Episode 07

Episode 7 diesmal wieder in Portugal mit den Graffiti-Künstlern der CMS-Crew (Smoke/Self/Tux).

Dir: Gonçalo Gavino | Edit: Fábio Gomide | Color: Filipe Grimaldi | Prod: Sinlogo | © sinlogobr.com |

Quotes Posters by Pogo

Das talentierte argentinische Kunstatelier Pogo hat beschlossen, eine Reihe von Plakaten mit Zitaten und schicken kreativen Typographien zu erstellen, deren Hervorhebung den Künstlern wichtig sind.

| Posters © Pogo |

Font Styles by Chris Piascik

| Images © Chris Piascik | via |

Andy Martinez // Mutiny Bikes

Innovative GIF-ITTI Art by Insa & Inkie

Insa und Inkie stammen aus England und haben diese beeindruckenden Graffitis animiert.

Insa brings his innovative GIF-ITTI to the White Walls Project as he completes his biggest and most complex moving piece to date. It’s a first for us here – 3 days in the sun re-painting this monster wall 4 times to give us this completely original result.

The beauty of Insa’s GIF-ITI is that it only truly lives when viewed online, where these days most street art ends up being viewed, and exaggerates the ephemeral nature of graffiti as each layer is painted instantly over the last. Mixing retro internet technology and labour intensive painting, INSA creates slices of infinite un-reality, cutting edge art for the tumblr generation.

|via progolog|


You may like having a good lunch in a quiet place as a park… But what if your lunch doesn’t?

In the street everyone can hear you scream, but honestly who cares?

Illustrator Wesley Eggebrech

Der Künstler Wesley Eggebrech ist ein freischaffender Illustrator/Designer aus Michigan, USA.

| Illustrations © Wesley Eggebrech |

Floating Point

“Went for something a bit more relaxed and atmospheric this time…Shot in Tokyo.”

Directed by Samuel Cockedey.

Nimit Malavia Illustrations

Beeindruckende Illustrationen von Nimit Malavia. Der Künstler stammt aus Ottawa, Ontario, Kanada.

| Illustrations © Nimit Malavia |