Urban Characters by Amose

Genial gemachte Street Art von Amose. Mehr Urban Character Art auf der Website des Künstlers.




| Images © Amose |

Type Sandwiches by David Schwen

Der Designer David Schwen aus Minneapolis kreiert Sandwiches nur aus Worten und Farben. Wer Hunger hat kann seine Drucke im Sandwich-Store kaufen, dort gibt es auch noch mehr zu sehen.

David Schwen

David Schwen

David Schwen

| Images & Design © David Schwen |

BMX & Skateboard Slow Motion

Filmed & Edited by Hachem El Yamani.

Dapper Dan Man!

“I’m a Dapper Dan man!”

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) | Iwdrm

Riotgrrl Reloaded: New Artworks by Jenn Violetta

Neue atemberaubende Bilder des genialen Ausnahmetalents Jenn Violetta. Auf ihrem Blog kann man viele weitere erstaunliche Arbeiten der Künstlerin entdecken. Auch ein Besuch bei Flickr lohnt sich.

Kiss Me Before You Go

Diver Down

Better Than You

| Images © Jenn Violetta |

The 3rd Letter

Mehrfach ausgezeichneter Science Fiction Kurzfilm von Grzegorz Jonkajtys.

| by Grzegorz Jonkajtys | via kfmw |

Drawing Inspiration

“A wino, resigned and stuck in his ways, finds mysterious sketches on the park bench that he visits every day. As these pictures stir his thoughts, he begins to notice the world around him and to reflect upon his own place within it. He meets a young boy whose innocent encouragement helps to release him from his self destructive social withdrawal and unlocks a part of his character that had been long forgotten.”

Spirit Quest Journey

Music and Animation by Ryan Mauskopf.

I Love Sarah Jane

A bunch of teenagers in a ghost town, full of death and desolation, where adults have turned into zombies. Among them, stands Jimbo, madly in love with Sarah Jane. Directed by Spencer Susser, who also co-wrote the script with Australian author/director David Michod, this film has been selected in major festivals across the world (among which Sundance ’08) and won 4 prizes so far.

Feels Like To Skateboard Through NYC

“A nice day showed up amongst the freezing cold weather and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new Jag35 Rig and skate around the city. Good times.”

This is what it feels like to skateboard through NYC. Ein Video mit Helmkamera von Zack McTee.