White Shadows

Film by Tara Dougans • Score by Lydia Ainsworth.

Comprised from a multitude of hand-painted/drawn sequences, the film is animated frame by frame and stitched together digitally.

Mixed media: graphite, pencil crayon, acrylic, gouache on paper.

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The Foreigner

In 2011, a computer game tournament in Columbus, Ohio became a battle of two nations.

Jonathan Sutak‘s “The Foreigner” takes you behind the scenes as four elite South Korean pro gamers annihilate the competition, and one brash American fights back.

Witness the event that changed gaming forever.

Shelf Nunny :: Wishful Thinking EP

Shelf NunnyWishful Thinking” ★ Label: Hush Hush Records ★ Released 22 January 2016 ★

Shelf Nunny is the alias of current Seattle-based electronic musician Christian Gunning.

Wishful Thinking‘ marks his debut for Hush Hush, the Seattle-based label specializing in cinematic, wistful, emotional electronic music. A heavy melancholy persists over the EP’s four tracks, the sonic result of the dissolution of a wedding engagement that ultimately inspired the release’s emotional tone. While there’s a sad undercurrent that runs throughout the set, each track contains a moment of bright optimism, whether it’s a burst of double-time dancefloor-baiting rhythms or a particularly cheery melody that arises to the forefront.

Perfect for contemplative headphone listening sessions, as the soundtrack to scenic late-night drives, or unpredictable intimate romantic encounters, Shelf Nunny’s biggest statement to date announces the arrival of a new talent into the fertile Pacific Northwest music scene.

Various Illustrations by DXTR

// Illustrations © DXTR //

OVERWERK :: Winter

Music: OVERWERK • Track: “Winter” • Taken from the EP “Canon”.

Director: Erik Wernquist • Colorist: Caj Müller.

Press Illustrations by Patrycja Podkościelny

Hier einige aktuelle Arbeiten der aus Gdynia, Polen stammenden Künstlerin Patrycja Podkościelny. Weitere Bilder der Illustratorin, Grafikerin und Typografie Lehrerin findest du auf ihrer Website.

// Illustrations © Patrycja Podkościelny //

Deep Underwater

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Contemplations: Illustrations by Boris Pelcer

Diese Illustrationen stammen aus der “Contemplations”-Reihe des in Bosnien geborenen Boris Pelcer. Ein schönes Portfolio mit weiteren beeindruckenden Arbeiten des unabhängigen Illustrators und Designers, der aktuell in Milwaukee lebt, findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Boris Pelcer /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island

An animated short film, narrated by two asylum-seeking men detained in Australia’s Manus Island Offshore Processing Centre, recounting the dangerous journeys that brought them to the island and their memories of the riot that erupted in 2014.

In July 2013, the Australian Government introduced a controversial immigration policy, transferring asylum seekers arriving by boat to remote offshore detention centres on foreign Pacific islands.

Seven months later, the Manus Island centre erupted in violence when police and guards put down protests with sticks, machetes and guns, and 23 year-old asylum seeker Reza Barati was killed.

This film contains recordings of conversations between Behrouz and Omar, who are currently detained on Manus Island.

Directed & Produced by Lukas Schrank • Character Artwork by Luke Bicevskis.


A film conversation using 16mm film and a projector, with both the sound and image being created by painting and scratching directly on to 16mm film stock.

‘Scribbledub’ explores the dependent relationship between image and sound – the ‘scribble’ creates the ‘dub’, the ‘dub’ informs the ‘scribble’.

Director & Visuals: Ross Hogg • Sound: Robbie Gunn.