NONE is a short film that explores the balance of light and darkness.

A film created by Ash Thorp & Christopher Bjerre • Composer: Ben Lukas Boysen.

To Boldly Go

// Animated Image “To Boldly Go” © Matt Dixon //


How do we perceive our past? Do we need it to acknowledge our own existence?

Do we needlessly carry it as a burden on our shoulders? Should we guard it even at the cost of our own future? What would we give up to survive?

Why is it so hard to let go?

LOAD is an award winning animated short film and the filmmaker’s journey to seek answers for these questions.

Cráneo & Made in M :: Dalsy

Cráneo & Made in MDalsy” ★ Label: Fanso ★ Released 26 June 2016 ★

Raps: Cráneo (Sloth Brite) • Beats: Made in M • Mix & Master: Bluekid • Artwork by Pablo Luque.


An aging woman and her dog struggle as their dilapidated home slowly sinks into a swamp.

Directed by Jeremy Carlen • Music: Emily Szyszka • Sound Design: Matthew Colucci.

Graduation film from the University of Technology Sydney in 2015.

Invisible Barriers

“Invisible Barriers” is a short animated film, a visual poem.

Directed, designed & animated by Mustashrik and commissioned by the organisation Girl Effect, to support and encourage girls, women of all ages, in far regions of the world, specifically, but not exclusively, that they themselves indeed can change the world if they with their community, step forward into the light.

débruit :: Separated Together

A graphical trip without computer graphics.

Two amorphous souls make their way through a dense forest. One shapeshifting like a flock of birds, one drifting like a black ghost. It’s a peaceful chase and a virtuous dance at the same time. In a tender battle they re-unite and merge into one.

Taken from the album “Outside The Line” by débruit • Directed by The Bow.

“Vertigo” Poster Art by Jonathan Burton

⏚ Poster Art by Jonathan Burton: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 125. Costs $85.
// Illustration © Jonathan Burton /// ☇ Poster Art @ Mad Duck Posters /// via //

Somewhere Down The Line

A man’s life, loves and losses are shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.

Written & directed by Julien Regnard.

How To Eradicate One Of Our Deadliest Enemies

Gene Drive & Malaria:

We have the choice to attack one of our oldest enemies with genetic engineering.

But should we do it?

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