❖ Graphics Interchange Format #63

☇ Animated Image © Matthieu Bourel //

☇ Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

☇ Animated Image © Bill Domonkos //

Neighbors: Miniature Scene Paintings by Amy Bennett

Die amerikanische Künstlerin Amy Bennett konstruiert in ihrem Atelier liebevoll Dioramen, welche sie aus Pappe, Schaumstoff, Holz und Farbe erbaut und dann zusätzlich mit Modellbahn-Miniaturen ergänzt. Später werden daraus Gemälde von Städten, Landschaften oder aus dem täglichen Leben, die die Künstlerin, die 1977 in Portland, Maine geboren wurde, mit ihrer Ölmalerei in Szene setzt.

// Paintings © Amy Bennett //

Secret Friend :: Orbital Velocity

A music video directed by Well Plastic with an abstract and heartwarming view of humanity’s endeavour to leave our over-populated, dying planet in search for a new home in the far reaches of the solar system. The video is a striking collage of seemingly random imagery, formed in a craft, collage style, to tell the story of earth’s demise and humanity’s struggle to find a new home.

From the upcoming album “Sleeper” by Secret Friend, which will be released early 2015.

Music written, performed, produced & mixed by Steven Fox.

The Stars // BBC Science & Nature

This is a short documentary project by “After the flood” for BBC Knowledge & Learning.

Retro-Futuristic Poster Art by Laurent Durieux

Diese retro-futuristischen Poster Artworks stammen von dem Grafikdesigner und Illustrator Laurent Durieux, der bereits auf eine 20-jährige Berufserfahrung zurückblicken kann. Der Künstler lebt in Brüssel, Belgien, wo er seit 15 Jahren zusammen mit seinem Bruder an einer Privatschule Grafikdesign unterrichtet. Ein Portfolio mit einer größeren Auswahl findest Du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Laurent Durieux /// ☇ Art Prints Available //


Artjail teamed up with acclaimed video artist Marco Brambilla to create this short film that was acquired by Vera Wang and is currently installed in her flagship Beverly Hills store. The installation is an impressive 8 panel wall mounted version that plays as an offset reel of film.

Director: Marco Brambilla • DP: Martin Ahlgren • VFX: Artjail • Music: Nicolas Jaar.

// via //

La Nuit Américaine d’Angélique

When she saw Francois Truffaut’s Day For Night, Angelique discovered that it was possible to dream up her life.

Directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet & Joris Clerté • Written by Olivia Rosenthal.

“Record Player Patent” Art Prints by Finlay McNevin

⏚ Art Prints by Finlay McNevin: 17″ x 20″ Giclee. Costs $30 Each.
// Artwork © Finlay McNevin /// ☇ Art Prints Available @ Society6 //

Caldera :: Trippin’ EP

CalderaTrippin’ EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 January 2015 ★

“Dark, deep and mysterious sounds from German newcomer Caldera. Channelling Shades of Akkord and Objekt, while mixing deeper sounds from the world of dub-techno and Autonomic-style drum & bass – this strong EP presents 4 varied tracks, ripe for your listening pleasure.”

Dark Hip Falls :: Lam2: Red Hands

Animated by Tess Martin using ink, water and gum arabic solution.

Music by Dark Hip Falls “Lam2: Red Hands” from the full length album “Seventy Four”.