Lenny’s Garage

Lenny Shiller is a lifelong Brooklyn resident and classic car collector. He has amassed a staggering 58 rare classic cars, while he also owns hundreds of vintage bikes, motorcycles, and memorabilia. Lenny spends his time restoring and maintaining his collection, with the intention one day to pass them on to the next generation. The walls of his 12,000 sq ft garage in Gowanus are stacked with car parts he has collected over the years, the space resembling part working garage, part museum.

Filmed & edited by Peter Crosby • Music by Salomon Lighthelm.

Sarc:o :: You Are The One

Directed & produced by Marco Bagni, based on Luca Pozzi – “Statement”.

From Sarc:o`s EP “Manifesto”, produced by Andrea Suriani.

Prefuse 73 :: Still Pretending

Concept, Direction & Animation: Lilfuchs //

Artist: Prefuse 73 • Title: Still Pretending • Album: Forsyth Gardens.

Gifs & Pixel Art by Sasha Katz

Sasha Katz stammt aus Moskau und ist ein freiberuflicher Editorial-Designer und Gif-Art-Künstler.

// Animated Images © Sasha Katz /// via //


Can cats swim? Should they?

Directed & animated by Ana Mouyis • Music & sound by Luke Loseth.

Fortune by Emanuele Kabu

Loop by Emanuele Kabu for the loopdeloop.org challenge for Aug/Sept 2015 // Theme: Fortune.

Karma Fields :: Skyline

Skyline is a code-based generative music video directed and programmed by Raven Kwok for the track Skyline by Karma Fields. The entire music video consists of multiple stages that are programmed and generated using Processing.

In Skyline’s systems, seeds for generating the diagram are sorted into various types of agents following certain behaviors and appearance transformations. They are driven by either the song’s audio spectrum with different customized layouts, or animated sequence of the vocalist, collectively forming a complex and organic outcome.

Illustrations by Rebekka Dunlap

Rebekka Dunlap ist eine freischaffende Illustratorin, die in Brooklyn lebt und arbeitet. Sie studierte an der School of Visual Arts in New York und machte ihren Abschluss an der University of Washington. Ihre Arbeiten erschienen bereits in diversen renommierten Publikationen, wie The New Yorker oder der New York Times. Weitere Illustrationen der Künstlerin findest du auf ihrer Website.

// Illustrations © Rebekka Dunlap //

Idle by Jonah Primiano

An isolated gas station pulls into focus the difference between our current generations. The younger unwilling to identify with the older. The older disappointed with the younger. Despite each being characterized by their differences, they are both rooted in the same existential doubts.

Graduation Film, Savannah College of Art & Design 2015.

Written, Directed & Animated by Jonah Burke Primiano.

Sound Design: Andres Herreras, Jai Berger, Julian Quiroga • Music: Gregory Carl Miller.

Modern Day Surrealistic Paintings by Lola Gil

Lola Gil wurde in Riverside, Kalifornien geboren, wo sie auch aufwuchs. Aktuell lebt und arbeitet die Künstlerin in Los Angeles. Ein schönes Portfolio mit einer großen Auswahl ihrer fantastischen, surrealistischen Arbeiten findest du auf ihrer Website.

// Paintings © Lola Gil /// ☇ Art Prints Available /// via //