Paper World

It’s a beautiful journey through an innocent child imagination where everything is possible, the creativity has no limits and the freedom of creation is value itself.

But as in almost every life story values change with the time passing by and it only depends on us which values will “blind” us.

Direction & realization: Wojciech Ostrycharz • Music: Paweł Błaszczak.

Honey, We Need To Reset The View. Again.

// Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

Stella Nova

red blue green • circle square triangle • dog star man.

An abstract film by Ted Wiggin.

The Junebugs

Original poem by Steve Scafidi • Read by David Purdham • Music & Sound by Antfood.

Design & Illustration: Yuki Yamada, Hana Kim • Directed by Oddfellows.


Graduation film created by Henry Bullen.

Various Graphic Design Illustrations by Ray Oranges

Wunderschöne Illustrationen des mehrfach mit diversen Preisen ausgezeichneten Grafikdesigners Ray Oranges. Der Illustrator wurde in einer kleinen Stadt am Meer in Kalabrien in Süditalien geboren, lebt und arbeitet heute für seine Klienten in Florenz, Toskana.

Ein Blick auf seine Website lohnt sich, dort findest weitere außergewöhnliche Arbeiten des Künstlers.

// Illustrations © Ray Oranges //

L’uomo D’acqua E La Sua Fontana

L’uomo d’acqua e la sua fontana by Ivo Rosati & Gabriel Pacheco.

CJ Picture book Animation Festival.

Animation Studio: Earth Design Works • Director: Kim, Young-jun.

Assistant Director: Kim, Ji-su • Music: Ko, Jin-young, Park, Hyun-woo.

Gudrun Von Laxenburg :: Revolution

On the basis of a single destiny in a dystopian future, a chain reaction ist set in motion leading to the great upheaval in society and shaking of the totalitarian regime achieved.

Director: Sebastian Mayr & Michael Podogil • Music: Gudrun von Laxenburg “Revolution”.


Shortfilm by Thomas Ramboz • Music by Veliski • Sound design by La viviane.

A Night Journey In Disguise

// Animated Illustration © Ori Toor /// via //