Ballet Mécanique

☇ Ballet Mécanique (1924) by Fernand Léger & Dudley Murphy • Animated Image © Swinglargo


TURNS is a portrait of master woodturner Steven Kennard • Directed by Ben Proudfoot.

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge :: Remnants

This video by Nick Cobby is about the self-contained nature of mind and matter.

The physical processing of sounds by the brain leave remnants in its structure as it learns about the outside world. Eventually the universe and the platonic realm of laws and structures are perceived. But while the natural laws and their resulting universe seem to create and contain the mind, the mind ultimately contains them all.


Video by Rus Khasanov • Music by Ilya Beshevli.

Conrad And The Steamplant

Conrad Milster, Pratt Institute’s chief engineer, has worked in the Brooklyn power plant nearly his entire adult life. Starting as a mechanic in 1958, he later became one of only four chief engineers in the plant’s 127-year history, taking over the official duties in 1965. He’s been there ever since.

For the last six decades, Milster (now 79 years old) has lovingly maintained the nineteenth century steam engines that provide heat and hot water to Pratt’s campus. “We have our hands full,” says Milster. “If the plant stops in the winter, Pratt stops.”

Filmed by Dustin Cohen, Autumn Eakin & Christine Ng • Edited by Saela Davis.

Lego Adventure In The City

This is a short stop motion animated story written & directed by Rogier Wieland for Lego China.

Berg by Kanahebi

Animation: Kanahebi • Music: “Feasting on Energy” by Magic Lantern.

International Knocks by James Chapman

// Animated Illustration © James Chapman //

Editorial Illustrations by Simón Prades

Neue wunderschöne Editorial Illustrationen des in Saarbrücken lebenden und freiberuflich arbeitenden Illustrators und Grafikers Simón Prades, der außerdem an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften in Trier Illustration lehrt. Ein Portfolio findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Simón Prades //

Dysequilibrium / Rotative Vertigo

☇ Animated Image “Dysequilibrium / Rotative Vertigo (2015)” © Matthieu Bourel //