Action Bill // A LEGO Stop Motion Short Film

William Shatner, in a time traveling robot, attempts to destroy William Shakespeare but underestimates the fighting prowess of Action Bill.

Created by AMAA Productions.

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“Inside Llewyn Davis” Art Print by Rich Kelly

• Print by Rich Kelly: 18″ x 24″ Screen Print. Signed & numbered AP Edition of 50. Costs $70.
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Dysco by Simon Russell

Dysco is a 3D experimental short by Simon Russell about synesthetic drones, neon dubstep and the surveillance state.

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Becoming Harmonious by Susi Sie

All scenes were filmed by using water, a subwoofer, a Canon 5D and a 100mm macro lens.

Directed & Produced: Susi Sie.

Artist: The Glitch Mob Feat. Metal Mother “Becoming Harmonious” //
Taken from The Glitch Mob’s new album ‘Love Death Immortality’.

Darren Hopes Illustrations

Darren Hopes ist ein Illustrator, der in Probus, UK arbeitet und dort ein Studium in Fotografie beendete. Doch er liebt nicht nur das fotografische Bild, sondern benutzt bei seinen Bildern als Technik sein Können als Illustrationskünstler, um seinen Arbeiten eine neue Dimension zu eröffnen.

// Illustrations © Darren Hopes //

Shiver by Shoko Hara & Paul Brenner

Animated by Shoko Hara & Paul Brenner • Music: “Shiver” by I am Poet // Detector Records.

Harriorrihar: Illustrations by Jon Juarez

Diese wunderschönen Bilder stammen von dem Illustrations- und Animationskünstler Jon Juarez, der 1983 geboren wurde und in San Sebastian, Spanien lebt. Mehr diesen beeindruckend detailreichen Kunstwerken kannst Du auf der Webseite des Künstlers entdecken.

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5:48 – The Reality of Time

Thomas Gugel`s Graduation movie at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany and his interpretation of the Reality of Time based on the theories of French philosopher Henri Bergson and his meaning of “la durée”, the experienced time. A pure perception which isn’t already structured by our consciousness and available for our behaviors (Intuition).

This “Reality of Time” lies mainly behind what’s shown obviously – in his symbolic representation. What you see isn’t what it supposed to shown.

Concept, Animation, Compositing: Thomas Gugel • Sounddesign: Bernhard Dulle.
2D-Support: Bastian J. Schiffer • Mentoring: Prof. Tjark Ihmels.

Robot Band The Bit-52′s Cover Private Idaho by The B-52′s

James Cochrane`s Robot Band The Bit-52′s cover “Private Idaho” by The B-52′s.

“Fred’s vocals by DECTalk Express which is also used by Stephen Hawking. Cindy and Kate’s vocals utilized two HP Scanjet 3C flatbed scanners. The robot guitar, keyboard, snare and bass drum all are controlled with a couple of PIC16F84A microcontrollers.”

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Beautiful Illustrated Animations by Rebecca Mock

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