The Experiment

Director, Script & Animation: Chung Yu-Hsuan.


// Photoshop manipulation of Star Wars: Rogue One poster © Hal Hefner /// via //


TUNDRA’s newest immersive experience is a large scale laser-beams installation which went unseen to public due to cancellation of Outline Festival in Moscow where it was initially planned to be exhibited. As it was specially created for this festival, the chosen name was OUTLINES.

This word has a strong meaning in Russian representing the idea of stepping out of an initial grid and rising above the fundamentals by trespassing your imaginary boundaries.

After Midnight: Paintings by Jolene Lai

Jolene Lai wurde 1980 in Singapur geboren und ist heute in Los Angeles beheimatet, wo sie aktuell als freiberufliche Malerin arbeitet. Ein Portfolio mit weiteren Bildern findest du auf ihrer Website.

// Paintings © Jolene Lai /// via //

Analysis Paralysis: Suspended

Created by YUJAEHO • Inspired by Lee Griggs • Music by Nokuit.

Sonmi451 :: Alice

Sonmi451Alice” ★ Label: Self-released ★ Released 10 August 2016 ★

Sonmi451 is a Belgian ambient artist, creating his own blend of atmospheric ambient.

His music is perhaps best described a hybrid between subtle, shimmering electronica and delicate soundscapes. Every Sonmi451 track is a sort of mini-universe where field-recordings and lovingly crafted samples are combined with carefully chosen atmospheric ambiences.

Released as a limited digipack CD • Edition of 100.

Going Down Swinging

// Animated Image “Going Down Swinging” © Karan Singh //

Oil Paintings by Alex Russell Flint

Alex Russell Flint wurde 1974 geboren und pendelt zwischen seinen Studios in London und Frankreich. Seine Gemälde wurden bereits in zahlreichen Gruppen- und Einzelausstellungen in London und Irland ausgestellt und die Arbeiten hängen sowohl in öffentlichen als auch in privaten Sammlungen in Nordamerika, China, Südafrika und Europa. Der britische Künstler wurde viele Jahre von dem renommierten Lehrer Ted Jacobs an der Ecole Albert Defois ausgebildet.

// Paintings © Alex Russell Flint /// ☇ Art Prints Available /// via //


A little moment in a big world.

Directed by Gunner • Illustration: Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee, Mike Burdick.


Constantly feeling rushed. Habitually saying ‘too busy’ or ‘quickly’. Always apprehensive that things might not be done in time. The desire to act quickly is basically a matter of speed. Elevation of speed requires reduction of time. The most economical way for this formula is a straight line.

“Diversion” created by Hyunmin Lee.