Dame Mit Hund // Walk The Dog

A woman walks her dog in the park, where she meets a man she would have liked to avoid.

Direction, production, art direction & compositing: Sonja Rohleder.

Animation: Sonja Rohleder, Veronica Solomon • Sound: Michal Krajczok.

Last Train Home

Animation & Direction: Gerhard Human • Edit: Edwin de Swardt • Music: Raffertie.

Repeated Viewing :: Art Imitates

Repeated ViewingArt Imitates” ★ Label: Spun Out Of Control ★ Rel. 08 August 2016 ★

Cues from and inspired by the short film ‘Art Imitates’, a darkly satirical look at the compromises and sacrifices one actress decides to make to achieve her own Hollywood ending. Scored by Glaswegian composer Alan Sinclair – aka Repeated Viewing – this film score showcases a more ambient and minimalist side to his electronica-based musical palette, that reflects the dream-like nature of the short and, in turn, makes for absolutely perfect late night listening!

Whilst Side A of this tape release on Spun Out Of Control is music used in the film, Side B is composed of tracks recorded at the same time and in the same vein that did not make the final cut. For completeness these ‘bonus tracks’ are included here as being perfect musical bedfellows.

Composed, produced & performed by Repeated Viewing, 2016.

Specially commissioned artwork unique to this release by Eric Adrian Lee.


Life is a cycle.

We are dying from birth, reborn till death.

Direction: Kouhei Nakama • Music: “Shining Dawn” by Kai Engel.

Marbling Space

// Illustration © Martine Strøm /// ☇ Art Prints Available //


This is a reaction-diffusion program of complete real-time generation created by Nobutaka Kitahara that reacts to sound in touchdesigner • Music: Sk’p – Astravel.


Film Design: Park Sung-hyun & Oh Hey-won • Sound Design: Rameses B.

Visual Capture Experiment

Visual Capture Experiment created by Sam Bell.

// via //

Beautiful Illustrations by Ana Yael

Ana Yael wurde 1984 in Córdoba, Argentinien geboren. Heute lebt und arbeitet die Künstlerin in Barcelona, Spanien, wo sie studierte, aufwuchs, experimentiert und zwei Kunstgalerien leitet. Die freiberufliche Künstlerin illustriert für Buchcover, Magazine und zahlreiche Geschichten.

// Illustrations © Ana Yael //

The Unknown // Ornetica Hesse

The second of an on-going series of stop-motion shorts called The Unknown.

This part concerns Ornetica Hesse. A man journeys to the tallest peak.

Director: Sean Pecknold • Art Director & Set Designer: Adi Goodrich.