Thylacine :: Mountains

“Here, time is suspended…”

Music video for french artist Thylacine • Shot in Bulgaria by Cyprien Clément-Delmas.

Essay on the nostalgia, the time suspended & the clash between the new & the old generation.

Cubert Gif by Nathan Anderson

// Animated Illustration © Nathan Anderson /// via //

Applescal :: For

ApplescalFor” ★ Label: Atomnation ★ Released 18 May 2015 ★

Techno / electronica producer Pascal Terstappen presents his fourth longplayer as Applescal, entitled ‘For’. The 10-tracker released via Atomnation.

On ‘For’, the new album, the Haarlem-born, Amsterdam-based producer takes things to the next level across a collage of vivid audible explorations that are without doubt, among his best work to date. ‘For’s’ content still conveys the organic and buoyant sound that we’ve become accustom to hearing when listening to Applescal’s earlier transmissions, but this time round, things seem to be delving into deeper and darker sonic terrains, resulting in what can only be described as a downright overwhelming listening experience.

Run The Jewels :: Early (Feat. Boots)

Music video for Run The Jewels` track “Early” directed & animated by Bug & Sluzzy.

Within The Woods: Digital Illustrations by Riccardo Zema

// Illustrations © Riccardo Zema /// via //


A man goes hunting • Short animated film made as a personal project by Nicolas Pomet.

Venture :: Introverted

VentureIntroverted” ★ Label: Endless Plains Records ★ Released 28 April 2015 ★

Released via Endless Plains Records: “Our second full length album is from Night Track’s very own Venture. Taking you into a journey of lost souls and nights…”

The Forgotten Sydney: Illustrations by Nancy Liang

The Forgotten Sydney heißt die neue animierte Illustrationsserie von Nancy Liang, die in regelmäßigen Abständen von der Künstlerin fortgesetzt wird. Nancy Liang ist eine Absolventin der Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Sydney, Australien. Mehr Informationen zu den einzelnen Projekten der Illustratorin findest du auf ihrer Website und mehr Bilder auf ihrem Tumblr.

// Animated Illustrations © Nancy Liang //


A swimming pool animated pattern by Emmanuelle Walker.

And Then I Vanish

A surreal motion poem created by Cornel Swoboda.

Sound design by Oliver Salkic • Voice/vocals by Victoria Ward.