Illustrations by Marly Gallardo

Marly Gallardo ist eine ecuadorianische Künstlerin mit Sitz in New York, USA. Sie liebt es, kreative Herausforderungen durch konzeptuell angetriebene Bilder und eine geschmackvolle Farbpalette zu bewältigen. In ihrer Freizeit zeichnet sie noch mehr und sucht oft nach ihrem Bleistift.

// Illustrations © Marly Gallardo //

Into The Bright Unknown

A short film in the form of a journey from the micro to the macrocosm.

Direction, cinematography, editing, vfx, color grading: Toros Köse.

Music: Cody Geil • Sound: Audionerve.

KOROstyle :: KOROkat

Video by Tuberose • Ending footage by KQIIX.

KOROstyle ‘Project : KOROkat’ LP • Out now on Section 8 Recordings.


The cloaked Yaldaboath looked upon this society of materialism which It dominated for millenia.

The slow and struggling process for evolution of human’s consciousness reflects in It’s eyes, while it took our Lush as It’s supper, yet the most delicious ones are those ambiguous faiths as always.

All these happened in a small temple of Land-God, which sits in a place of nowhere.

Now, may ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Himalaya Collective :: Healing Herbs

➲ Various Artists “Healing Herbs” ★ Himalaya Collective ★ Released 11 February 2017 ★

Healing Herbs – J Dilla X Nujabes Tribute.

In honour of This Two … Second beattape by himalaya collective. Chillout Dilla and Nujabes memorial mix. Almost every beat is exclusive.

Artwork by Coach Motel.

Love Is Love

Made with love by Heckler.

Concept & Direction: Kyra Bartley • Head of Production: Aborah Buick • Music by: Johnny Mackay.

You Have To Come From Some Place Inside

I think that to be really really good you have to come from some place inside that I’m just not sure I have.

// Nocturnal Animals (2016) /// Animated Image © Tech Noir //

THE CROSSING (A Short Horror Film)

Short horror film ПЕРЕХОД – “The Crossing”.

Written, directed & edited by Arseny Syuhin.

Beats To Relax // Study To: Lofi Hip Hop Radio Stream

lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to.

main genre: lofi hiphop • other genres: chillhop/ambient/electronic…

800+ musics tracks are played (24h+ of different tracks) & more songs will be added every day.

The name of the song currently playing is indicated in the top left corner of the video.

// via FernSehErsatz //

Somepling :: Movvmentts (Free Beat Tape)

SomeplingMovvmentts” ★ Self-released ★ Released 14 February 2017 ★

This little project is based on a simple concept. To make beats, using only ONE record.

No additionnal drum elements, basses or other sounds.

Just sample one single record to make all the tracks.

“Consider this project as an exercise. It is what it is, little sketches, raw beats, that I tried to keep simple and effective.”