Graphic Design Illustrations by Caterina Bianchini

Caterina Bianchini ist eine Designerin aus London.

Ihre Arbeiten fordern aktuelle Design-Normen durch das Experimentieren mit einzigartigen typografischen Layouts und wunderschön kuratierten Farbpaletten.

Durch die Verwendung eines vielfältigen Projektansatzes hat sie ein einzigartiges Design geschaffen, das in der Designbranche Anerkennungspreise erhalten hat.

// Illustrations © Caterina Bianchini //


// Animated Image © Gustavo Torres //

Nieta: A Film by Nicolás P. Villarreal

An incoming storm helps to transform a young girl’s perspective of the world.

Written & Directed by Nicolás P. Villarreal.


OGREMURALS” ★ Self-released ★ Released 21 August 2017 ★

Murals is an all hardware performance, captured in one take to a haunted Tascam Portastudio.

A sound painting adventure in Kosmische sequencing, improvisation and imaginary landscapes.

Tales From The Shadow Of The Moon

Eclipse chasers tell us what it’s like to witness a total solar eclipse.

The August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse in the US will likely be the most-viewed totality in history and the first for a whole generation of Americans. But there is a small community of enthusiasts who have already seen 5, 12, even 30 total eclipses before. That’s because after their first eclipse, they were hooked, and now spend all of their vacation time and spare money chasing total solar eclipses around the world, with the solar system as their travel guide. We interviewed 9 of these eclipse veterans to find out what totality is like, what we should expect, and whether they have advice for first-timers.

Video by Joss Fong • Additional Interview: Brian Resnick.

Additional Animation: Hannah Jacobs & Sophie Koko Gate.

“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” Poster Art by Martin Ansin

⏚ Poster by Martin Ansin: 12″ x 36″ Screenprint. Numbered Edition of 355. Costs $75.
// Illustration © Martin Ansin /// ☇ Poster @ Posters & Toys //

Escape Artist

☇ Animated Image “escape_artist” © Matthew Divito //

Kiasmos :: Blurred

Directed by Máni Sigfússon.

Kiasmos “Blurred” • Taken from their new EP out October 6, 2017.


An experimental short animation, exploring today’s political / economical state.

Animation & design: Rishab Soni • Music: Desiderii Marginis.

From Anxiety To The Pure Silence

Created by Illko Tkachenko.