Kaada/Patton :: Red Rainbow

Red Rainbow’ is the first track from John Kaada and Mike Patton’s most recent collaborative Kaada/Patton LP, Bacteria Cult, (Ipecac Recordings).

The video is based on the short film, “The Absence Of Eddy“, directed by Rune Spaans, and based on the art of Dave Cooper. Much like the music, the video is steeped in mystery and a sense of adventure, capturing a curious place where dreams and nightmares collide.

Directed by Rune Spaans • Edited by Lars Einar Skageberg.

Written & Art Directed by Rune Spaans • Music by Kaada/Patton.

The Comet Is Coming :: Start Running

The Comet Is Coming ‘Start Running’ • Taken from Death To The Planet EP (Available April 22nd).

Painting & shooting: Tilly Mint & Roman O’Toole • Edit, colour & fx: Morgan Beringer.


A motion poem about loss and disassociation.

Designed, animated & written by Nataly Menjivar.

Read by Kailey Stephen-Lane • Music by William Basinski, Watermusic II.


This is the proof of concept for MOON RIDER, a kids action-comedy series.

The show follows Roger and June as they bloop around the moon.

Created & animated by James Kwan.

Astronaut Dinosaur: Paintings by Scott Listfield

Scott Listfield ist bekannt für seine Gemälde mit einem einzigen neugierigen Astronauten auf Erkundungstour, verloren in einer Landschaft vollgestopft mit Pop-Kultur-Ikonen, Firmenlogos oder Science-Fiction-Referenzen.

Der Künstler wuchs in Boston, Massachusetts auf und studierte Kunst am Dartmouth College.

// Paintings © Scott Listfield /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

My Grandfather Was A Cherry Tree

This is a movie-memory, narrated by a young boy about his views on life and death.

It’s also a story about an unusual grandfather, who could listen to the trees breathing and believed that “Person can’t die if someone still loves him”.

Directed & animated by Olga Poliektova & Tatiana Poliektova.


A new kind of organism has been born.

It is not made up of flesh and blood, but of circuits and wires. Witness the life of this organism unfold as it grows and thrives, until it must inevitably conclude.

A film by Fokke MarsBas Jansen • Max van der Ree • Music by Nathan van Boeckel.

Infinite Scroll

An animated short about the prefabrication of social media.

Illustration / Animation / Sound: Peter Henderson • Music: Heno.

Timber Timbre :: Grifting

Official music video to “Grifting” by Timber Timbre, from the album “Sincerely, Future Pollution“.

Directed, animated & produced by Elenor Kopka.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #79

☇ Animated Image © Bill Domonkos //

☇ Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

☇ Animated Image © Tanja Jeremić //