Frat by Aurélien Peis

In a world where stone slowly overruns people and transforms them into statues, Sai, a twelve years old little boy, has the power to cure this disease with his blood. Since he is a child, his older brother, Vlad, martyrs him and preys on his gift by hiting him. One day Vlad lends Sai to his thug friends, who profit to cure their wounds and hit him, letting Sai sink into unconsciousness. In his dream, Sai discovers that he also has inside him, deeply buried, stone.

Directed by Sebastien Durand, Aurélien Peis, Julien Limon & Cédric Trezeguet.

New Paintings by Alex G

Vor etwa zweieinhalb Jahren hatte ich die Bilder des aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien stammenden Künstlers Alex G, der mit richtigen Namen Alex K Gardner heisst, hier schon einmal vorgestellt. Nun also ein Update mit ausgewählten, aktuellen Bildern des Malers.

// Paintings © Alex G /// via //


VOLCANO is a personal project directed & animated by Lena Steinkühler.


Directed by Joe Pease //

Offthesky :: The Serpent Phase

offthesky :: the serpent phase ★ Label: Hibernate Recordings ★ Released 27 August 2015 ★

Five years in the making, and well worth the wait, comes offthesky’s latest album ‘the serpent phase‘. offthesky will be a name familiar to many Hibernate fans as a prolific artist, having released with us ‘The Beautiful Nowhere’ in 2011 and the ‘Exit to Anywhere’ postcard in 2013, as well as numerous releases on labels such as Home Normal, Wist Rec and Dronarivm.

Initially conceived with the aim to create a series of piano sketches exploring mobile recording techniques, ‘the serpent phase’ takes in recordings made in Chicago, Switzerland, England, Canada, Colorado, and Kentucky. These initial recordings were then added to with other instrumentation including vibraphone, guitar, a synth, drum kit, vocals and textural field recordings.

Wishing to leave any deeper meaning up to the listener’s interpretation of the music, offthesky’s atmospheric collection of pieces allows us to explore the religious, spiritual and moral connotations of dark and light periods in life.


A story of “homo scrutante”, lost and searching people. Everyone is unique and has their natural talent. Sometimes it really has to be discovered, because sometimes it needs you… Or she.

Concept & Script: Kapitolina Tcvetkova-Plotnikova • Artwork & Animation: Lawrence Rowell.


Öctagon is totalitarian. Every human notion has been replaced by data and individuals are constantly under surveillance, which is insured by Surveyör. The program is checking the data transformation to their tasks state.

Featuring: Valentin Bauer // Joseph Biais // Bram de Cleen // Edouard Depaz // Remy Taveira // Gregoire Cuadrado // Yeelen Moens • Sound design & Production: Primat.

A Way of Being

A wool puppet and a wooden bench are the characters in a huge foggy world.
The puppet wants to leave it but find it harder then expected.

A Film by Kobi Vogman • Original Music by Yagel Harush & Nick Spivak.

Sound Design by Nick Spivak • Acting by Kobi Vogman & Ilia Grosz.

“Drugs” Art Print by Never Sleeping

⏚ Art Print by Never Sleeping: 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Signed & Numb. Ed. of 68. Costs $40.
// Illustration © Never Sleeping /// ☇ Art Print @ Never Sleeping Inc. /// via //

Infinite Lust

Animation & drawings: Emanuele Kabu.

Words: Faye Fornasier • Music & sound: Marcello Batelli.