Paintings by Roby Dwi Antono ⥸ Revisited

Anfang des letzten Jahres hatte ich die Malereien des indonesischen Künstlers Roby Dwi Antono hier schon einmal vorgestellt. Der in Yogyakarta lebende Maler hat erst kürzlich sein Portfolio mit neuen verstörenden Bildern auf den aktuellen Stand gebracht. Noch mehr Kunst gibt es auf seinem Blog!

// Paintings © Roby Dwi Antono //

The Approximate Present

A short animated film about the weather –
inspired and informed by chaos theory and Lorenz attractors, romantic landscape paintings and the minimalist polygonal look of early computer simulations.

Graduation project at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2014 by Filippo Baraccani.

Music: Origamibiro – Flicker.

Dorian Concept :: Draft Culture

Taken from the Dorian Concept album “Joined Ends” released on Ninja Tune • Animated by prcls.

// via Dreamt about Dreaming //

The Road

☇ Animated Image “The Road” © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

Life Cycles

Directed by Andres Rossi & Roberto Connolly • Music & sound design: Lucas Totino Tedesco.

Various Artists :: LL​.​M. 001

➲ Various Artists “LL​.​M. 001” // Label: Noorden // Released 13 October 2014.

“Eight electronic cuts from House and Techno to Electronica and Ambient. C60 tape only release with special packaging and download-card enclosed. Edition of 100.”

Jamón by Iria López

José is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town; he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and José starts to come to terms with who he really is.

Graduation film directed & animated by Iria López. It’s a traditionally-animated film with silkscreen printed backgrounds made at the National Film & Television School.

Jacob 2-2 :: Construxon Time Again

Directed & animated by Adam Brown • Music by Jacob 2-2.

Construxon Time Again originally appeared on the album Herbivore & now makes an appea- rance once again along with remixes by Muta & Stephen Farris on Jacob 2-2’s new EP The Rec.

Modern Architectural Paintings by Roos van Dijk

Die Künstlerin Roos van Dijk wurde 1989 in der niederländischen Gemeinde Utrecht geboren. Die Faszination an der modernen Architektur und großer architektonischer Strukturen, deren Schönheit, sowie die Hektik des modernen Lebens sind Themen ihrer beeindruckenden Arbeiten.

// Paintings © Roos van Dijk /// via //

Secret School :: Secret School

Secret SchoolSecret School” // Label: Hush Hush Records // Released 13 October 2014.

Secret School is the alias of Seattle-based electronic musician Andrew Sutherland. His third release under the Secret School moniker marks his most confident and cohesive statement yet, putting his exceptional production skills and knack for immersive beats, lush textures, and wide-ranging styles on full display. Written and recorded quickly in Seattle following a cross-country move from Boston, this self-titled affair finds inspiration in the natural, scenic backdrops of the Pacific Northwest as well as a radically simplified process. While previous releases found Sutherland singing lyrics and leaning towards a synth-pop style, here his voice is used strictly as an additional instrument within his intricately arranged productions, placing the focus on absorbing, driving rhythms and enveloping, gauzy atmospherics to tell its beautiful sonic story.”

Design & Art Direction by Cara Jennison Sutherland.