“May Day” Art Print by Sam Yong

⏚ Art Print by Sam Yong: 12″ x 12″ Giclee. Limited Numbered Edition of 30. Costs $59.95.
// Painting © Sam Yong /// ☇ Available @ The People`s Print Shop /// via //


Created by Laura Passalacqua.

“Hereditary” Poster Art by Randy Ortiz

⏚ Poster by Randy Ortiz: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Hand Numbered Edition of 200. Costs $50.
// Illustration © Randy Ortiz /// ☇ Available @ Mondo //

✘ This movie poster will be going on sale on Friday, June 8th at a random time.


Free-diver Ashleigh Baird navigates the depths of a cenote somewhere south of the border in a single breath. Although not shot in real time, she holds her breath on average for sometimes more than 3 minutes, hence the runtime of the film.

Directed by Russell Brownley.

Alaskan Tapes x The Last Dinosaur :: Under The Viaduct

Directed by Norm Li, csc. • Music: Alaskan Tapes x The Last Dinosaur.

Rebooted: An Animated Short Film

Owl Guy, a retro comic book superhero, is suddenly introduced to his rebooted counterpart.

Rebooted” created by Sagar Arun & Rachel Kral.


Short experimental film directed by Nathan Almeras.

Music: Lorn “All corrupt Everything”.


// Animated Illustration © Michał Sawtyruk //

New Digital Monsters by Bakea

Neue digitale Monsterportraits von dem in Madrid, Spanien lebenden Künstler Juan Carlos Paz alias Bakea. Noch viel mehr geniale Monster kannst du dir auf der Facebook-Seite des Künstlers ansehen.

// Illustrations © Juan Carlos Paz //

Turquoise Moon :: Midnight Demon

➲ Turquoise Moon “Midnight Demon” ★ Label: Spun Out Of Control ★ Rel. 01 June 2018 ★

Re-discovering Turquoise Moon’s other-worldly score to ‘Midnight Demon’:

Turquoise Moon were an American synth duo of Terry Ferrello and Frank Heisenberg, recording and releasing music from 1981 to ‘86. The pair met in ’81 while living in Mountain View, California, and working as game developers for Atari Inc. Here they discovered a shared fascination for synthesisers and drum machines that they cracked, modified and rebuilt. Choosing the name Turquoise Moon, the duo wrote instrumental music out of Frank’s basement, which they self released on cassette via independent stores and fanzines throughout the Bay Area during 1982.

One of these rare tapes made its way to the hands of LA-based writer and director Kyle Caruso, who had cut his teeth directing commercials for the automotive and high end perfume industries and was about to embark on shooting his first feature film. That film was Midnight Demon.

Artwork and design by Eric Adrian Lee.

Presented as a limited edition, hand numbered cassette in a choice of two colours.
Choose from ‘Purple Prey’ or ‘Neon Blue’ coloured shells (75 copies of each).