Bloody Dairy: A Daily Animation Project by Min Liu

Bloody Dairy heisst das wunderbare, aktuell laufende, tägliche Animationsprojekt der taiwanischen Motion Graphics Designerin und Animatorin Min Liu, die in Brooklyn, New York lebt.

// Animated Illustrations © Min Liu /// ☇ Bloody Dairy Daily Animation Project //

Endless Gravity

Can watch at these ocean creatures endlessly. It’s like a live cosmos, unbelievable smooth moves, eternity and meditation. No single VFX used, this is magical nature.

Filmed, graded & edited by Alex Soloviev.

Music by Astrupilot • Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1869.

Craset :: The Way EP

CrasetThe Way EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 June 2015 ★

“Channeling dark, wet nights, dank back-alleys, raw emotion and haunting beauty. Russian producer Craset gives us his twist on melancholy post-dubstep.

This future-garage, dusty-electronica or whatever you want to term it is undeniably influenced by the likes of Burial and his contemporaries, but bringing something new to the table.

Skippy breaks, rumbling sub, echoing vocals and all the textbook hallmarks of the soundtrack to your post-club wander home at 5am.”

Musca // A Short Film

A man discovers much more than just his bacon sandwich in this award winning dark comedy.

Written & directed by Stefan Parker.

Lightbox: Grey

A short film by Phil Evans.

Animated by Mike O Shea • Title & Font Design: Erik Nilsson.

Birthlight by Christian Stangl

This short film by motion designer Christian Stangl is based on thousands of microscopic stills from which these stunning timelapse scenarios emerge. Stangl´s self-made chemical processes perform an endless dance of growing and dissolving, flooding and evaporating, melting and recrystalizing, creating an all together perfectly synced synthesis of sound and picture.

The soundtrack captivates the audience with a sophisticated blend of electronic and acoustic orchestration. At the core of this musical ménage à trois is the mind and voice of project-founder Almalyn Griesauer, escorted by Michael Willer and Robert Stefan.

Illustrations by Gabriel Silveira

Gabriel Silveira ist ein Illustrator, Grafik-Designer und Künstler für Infografiken der in São Paulo, Brasilien arbeitet. Seine Illustrationen erschienen bereits in so ziemlich allen großen Magazinen und Zeitungen in Brasilien und auch für einigen ausländische Kunden hat der Künstler als freier Mitarbeiter gearbeitet. Weitere Bilder und ausgewählte Kunstdrucke findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Gabriel Silveira /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

Spinning Daggers

A series of small wooden zoetrope sculptures composed next to trees during autumn. The sculptures consist of 18 instances – their form is in the shape of different sine and triangle waves modulating over 18 frames. Three of seven models were filmed.

Created & directed by Benjamin Ducroz.

Gauvin :: When The Sky Turns Black EP

GauvinWhen The Sky Turns Black EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Rel. 25 May 2015 ★

When The Sky Turns Black” was recorded last summer and tells of Gauvin‘s adventures during those months. Sampling the sounds of everyday life, the rhythmic and ambient tones recorded from his apartment, kitchen, by the window or in the metro, tell the story of a summer blocked between Nantes and Paris. The titles of the tracks have a direct relationship with the time and place they were written and give the sensation that one is there themselves.

Cepharthropods by Vladimir Stankovic

Nach der erfolgreichen animierten Illustrationsserie Cephalopodoptera folgt nun der Nachfolger mit naturgeschichtlichen Abbildungen der eigentümlichen Spezies namens “Cepharthropods” des in Odense, Dänemark lebenden Künstlers Vladimir Stankovic.

Natural history illustrations of peculiar species called Cepharthropods.

// Illustrations © Vladimir Stankovic /// ☇ Art Prints Available //