The Walk

Inspired by the picturesque scenery of the Lake District, ‘The Walk’ is a short film about the simple pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other.

Created & Produced by Art&Graft • Sound: Brains & Hunch.

Ground Zero Illustration Series by Atelier Olschinsky

“Ground Zero” heißt die neueste Illustrationsserie des unabhängigen Designstudios Atelier Olschinsky aus Wien, Österreich, welches auf Grafikdesign, Animation, Illustration und Fotografie spezialisiert ist. Auf der Website des Ateliers gibt es noch viele weitere Arbeiten zu entdecken.

// Illustrations © Atelier Olschinsky //

John Carpenter :: Night

A video by Gavin Hignight & Ben Verhulst.

John Carpenter‘s debut album of non-soundtrack material is out now on Sacred Bones.

Swap Meet

A collaborative experiment between 14 artists around the globe.

Each artist creates a background, all backgrounds are traded randomly, and then animated upon freely.

Artists: Caleb Wood • Charles Huettner • David Prosser • Elli Vuorinen • Grace Nayoon Rhee • Jonathan Djob Nkondo • Kyle Mowat • Lee Kyu-tae • Lilli Carre • Loup Blaster • Nicolas Menard • Nelson Boles • Shin Hashimoto • Shen Jie.

Western Civilization

Western Civilization is an animated poem written by Peter Jay Shippy.

Directed & animated by Alicia Reece • Lettering & Lead Actor: Emory Allen

Thinking Dreams Are Memories

// Animated Image “Collaboration Gif” © Ryan Salge & Archery //

Vis by Joachim Fusiecki

The video shows a metaphoric story of a victim, totally helpless facing brutal violence on its way. Injustice of that meeting leaves the feeling of a revenge, rubbing the borders between life and death.

Animation directed by Joachim Fusiecki.

// via //

The Amazing World of Gumball LOOPS

Directed & animated by Gabriel Fermanelli / Ronda • Claymation: Can Can Club.

Andrea :: Nasa EP

AndreaNasa EP” ★ Label: Moose Records ★ Released 13 April 2015 ★

Andrea is the definition of the “bedroom-producer” that makes organic music with a subtle landscape feeling.”

Cosmos Will Save The World

One night, passing through her childhood home of Russia, a woman reminisces about faraway landscapes.

Written & directed by Patrick Lapierre.