Short Animation: A Decade by Treehouse

“A Decade ” is a short animation produced for Jet megazine’s “十年一刻” exhibition at Harbour City, TST, Hong Kong. A Decade talks about how lives of average citizens became in last decade.

Treehouse is the combined force of Oscar Sheikh and Ray Wong, who love animation and story telling in a way that is creative and visually stunning.

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes // Official Video

A short film by Kahlil Joseph featuring music from the Flying Lotus album.

Directed by Kahlil Joseph // Cinematography by Mattew J. Lloyd // Produced by Omid Fatemi.

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Paintings & Illustration Art by Marina Muun

Marina Muun wurde in einer Stadt am Meer in Bulgarien geboren, wo sie auch aufwuchs. Heute lebt und arbeitet sie in Köln. Am liebsten zeichnet und malt die Künstlerin Acryl-Gemälde und digitale Illustrationen. Noch viel mehr Bilder gibt es auf ihrer Website zu sehen.

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Ballpit by Kyle Mowat

An animation by Kyle Mowat for Cartoon Brew’s 3rd Student Animation Festival.

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Matta & Niveau Zero – Riot // Official Video

Official video to the track “Riot” by Matta & Niveau Zero, taken from the EP of the same name.

Label: Ad Noiseam // Video produced by Hellohikimori & Cosa Digital.


Directed & animated by Théo Guignard, Nöé Lecombre & Hugo Moreno.
Produced by Gobelins.

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And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore

The sound of stenciling: The making of a stencil painting by Pahnl.

Pahnl has been stenciling since 2003. Cutting stencils isn’t a spectacle, it’s done in solitude…

The painting featured in the video is titled ‘And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore’. Photos and more details about the piece can be found at

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RED // Shortfilm

// In the dark districts of the metropolis, a mysterious serial killer strikes down red dressed women. Del, a crime scene photographer, has lost his own wife in the human hecatomb. Through the silence of the streets at night, he is about to encounter the next victim, followed by a strange man…

// RED is a 2011 psychological thriller short film inspired by “films noirs” and graphic novels produced at Supinfocom Valenciennes.

Directed by Alexandre Charleux, Amaury Brunet, Ning Zhang & Victoria Bruneel.
Music by Pierre Caillet. Sound design by Rodolphe Kay & Benoît Pallandre.

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Mako – Utopia Music Podcast 001 // September 2012

“Hello. I’m pleased to announce the first official Utopia podcast is now ready for download on Soundcloud. I wanted to please the loyal fans by sharing some exclusives, but also wanted to showcase a few things off the back catalogue for those tuning into the sounds of Utopia Music for the first time. I hope you enjoy.” – Stephen Mako.

Podcast Download

Black Sun Empire – Delorean // Free Tune

“This is a track we’re giving away to promote the future release of our 5th album “From the Shadows”, which will be out on the 15th of October” – Black Sun Empire.

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