Bulb :: Into The Deep Podcast 019 // April 2013

“Today is a cosmonautics day here in Russia, this day the first manned space flight was maded by Yuri Gagarin in 1961. So, I decided to take you on a journey into the deep musical space trip. Thank you for your music. Spread the love.” – Bulb.

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Her Husband’s Hands by Kari Brooks

// Illustrations © Kari Brooks /// via //

Melbourne GIF-ITTI by Insa & Rone

Insa & Rone Melbourne GIF-ITTI collaboration.

“So i could try and explain the effort entailed in painting a transparent blinking face over a moving cube spiral vortex, but then maybe its better just to let you enjoy the magic….”Insa.

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Visuals Produced & Directed by Thomas Wightman & Shaun Bloodworth.

Edited by Thomas Wightman // Sound by Janek Schaefer.

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Everything I Can See From Here

A game of football turns deadly as an uninvited player joins in.

Directed by Sam Taylor & Bjorn Aschim // Produced by Fritzi Nicolaus.

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Street Art by Seth Globepainter in Pnhom Penh, Cambodia

Der französische Künstler Julien Malland, bekannt als Seth oder auch Globepainter, ist auf einer Mission die Welt mit seiner wundervollen Straßenkunst zu bedecken. Seine bunten Arbeiten, wie die hier gezeigten aus Phnom Penh in Kambodscha, enthalten stets lokale Symbole und Themen aus der Umgebung. Julien Malland, geboren 1972 in Paris, ist ein Illustrator und freiberuflicher Designer.

// Images © Julien Malland /// via //

Phlegm in Leeds

An installation by Phlegm for the Music & Culture venue Canal Mills In Leeds.

Captured over the three day install by Sally Linsdell of Unit44 // Music by Bonobo – Ten Tigers.

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Spencer Keeton Cunningham’s Street Art

// Images © Spencer Keeton Cunningham /// via //

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #34

☇ Animated Image © Patakk //

☇ Animated Image “130319” © dvdp //

☇ Animated Image “Warning” © Matthieu Bourel //

Planet Three by Andy Martin

“Dealing with themes of death, rebirth and world ecosystems; the neon inhabitants of Planet Three undertake a journey that is both exhilarating and transformative.”

This is the third animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Handymartian’s Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during March 2013 by Andy Martin.