The Wonderful Illustration Works of Glenn Thomas

Diese wundervollen Illustrationsarbeiten stammen von dem aus Melbourne, Australien stammenden Glenn Thomas. Der Künstler ist spezialisiert auf Animationen, Illustrationen und Branding. Eine Übersicht ausgewählter Arbeiten findest Du auf seiner schicken Webseite “The Fox And The King”.

• Title Card Animation & Logo for Black Nimbus Films //

// Illustrations © Glenn Thomas /// via //

Man Bites Shark // Infographic

Shark Conservation SocietyStop Shark FinningHSI // Shark Finning.
PEW // Global Shark ConservationSharkwater.

// Infographic © Joe Chernov /// via //

Astigmatismo by Nicolai Troshinsky

“A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.”

An animation short film by Nicolai Troshinsky • Character design by Gina Thorstensen.
Background design by Cecilia Ramieri • Music by Shogun Kunitoki • Sound design by Pierre Sauze.

Bredren :: Break-Fast Audio Podcast 003 // May 2013

Break-Fast Audio Podcast 003, mixed by the mighty Bredren.

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Ungirthed by Sam Bass

Animated by Sam Bass // Song: Ungirthed by Purity Ring.

// via seitvertreib //

ASC :: Auxcast Phase Two: Episode 06 // May 2013

“Upon listening, you’ll realise there’s a new format for Phase Two. Each episode will feature three 30 minute segments. Every month, I’ll be providing one of the 30 minutes, and I’ll be joined by two Auxiliary artists who will provide the rest of the content. No track listings will be provided for Phase Two at any time, before you ask!” – ASC.

Episode 6 : [ Method One | ASC | Indigo ]

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De Kap Stond Te Hoog // Drik de Leeuw

// “De kap stond te hoog” (1940) /// Illustration © Drik de Leeuw /// via //

Another by Banpot Chaiwong

“You’re Born an Original Don’t Die a Copy” by John Mason.

“Another” way make original // Graduated Animation by Banpot Chaiwong.

// via //

Lost Beastie Boys Interview From 1985

Interview by Rocci Fisch for ABC News Radio 1985, Washington, D.C. Cassette Tape.

“There’s a way we talk and it includes profanity. We never figured we’d be arrested for it.”
– Mike “Mike D” Diamond.

Beastie Boys on Being Stupid | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios | Animator: Patrick Smith.

Illustrations by Goni Montes ⥸ Revisited

Neue fantastische Bilder von dem Illustrationskünstler Goni Montes, der in Puerto Rico geboren wurde und heute als Lehrer und freiberuflicher Künstler in Atlanta, USA lebt und arbeitet.

// Illustrations © Goni Montes /// via //