Akkord :: HTH020

AkkordHTH020” // Label: Houndstooth // Release 16 June 2014.

“Sacred geometry, complex polyrhythms and clean sound design all collide in the work of Manchester outfit, Akkord. With their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album charting high in 2014’s end of year lists, Akkord are not resting on their success, and are already planning their next assault with this new body of work.

HTH020 consists of four tracks of much darker, moodier sounds, pairing monumental low-end frequencies with surgically precise production. The whole EP is centred around clammy, ominous atmospheres, underpinned by stomping beats and descending basslines, placing greater emphasis on the space in-between, and textured over with a doomsday ambience.

The music that Akkord create never strays out of their own minimalistic and direct approach to techno, but from there, and beyond, they touch on an ever-evolving variety of styles, which gradually drive us in front of an overwhelming and riveting soundscape.”

Das Schweigen Unserer Freunde

Texas, Ende der 1960er-Jahre.

Die US-Bürgerrechtsbewegung gipfelt zunehmend in gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Demonstranten und der Polizei. Vor diesem Hintergrund entsteht eine ungewöhnliche Freundschaft zweier Familien in Houston, Texas.

Im Mittelpunkt steht Jack Long, der als Reporter über Rassenthemen berichtet. Bei einer Demonstration lernt er Larry Thomas kennen, einen schwarzen Aktivisten. Als eine friedliche Zusammenkunft eskaliert und ein Polizist dabei stirbt, wird ihre Freundschaft plötzlich auf eine harte Probe gestellt…

Das Schweigen Unserer Freunde von Mark Long, Jim Demonakos & Nate Powell.
• Erschienen im Oktober 2013 bei Egmont Graphic Novel // Vorschau:

☇ “Das Schweigen Unserer Freunde” von Mark Long, Jim Demonakos • Zeichner: Nate Powell
Egmont Graphic Novel • 208 Seiten • 21 x 15 cm • Broschur 14,99€ • ISBN 978-3-7704-3729-0 //

Homage To The Mineral Of Cabbage

A stop motion short directed and animated by Stephanie Dudley. Based on the poem “Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage” by Erín Moure, from her book, Little Theatres.

The film Little Theatres is an interpretation of what Little Theatres are. It is an exploration of layers: layers of space, and layers of words, both spoken and written. The exploration begins and ends with a simple cabbage.

Stop motion is the medium here, showcasing a world of miniature, handmade sets and puppets, that are animated one frame at a time. The film’s voiceover is in the poem’s original language, Galician. Its translation is contained within the film. The English words unfold as graphic elements within the scenes, as the poem is being spoken.

Reminiscent of Peter Max

☇ Animated Image “Reminiscent of Peter Max” © ´∑œ®^)$! /// via //

Multiuniverse by Tatiana Plakhova

Inspired by the lectures of the physicist Andrei Linde about Inflationary Multiuniverse.

Visuals: Tatiana Plakhova • Music: Boards of Canada “Reach for the Dead”.

☇ Biosphere: Digital Photography by Tatiana Plakhova //

Saåad :: Deep​/Float

SaåadDeep​/​Float” // Self-released // Released 17 April 2014 // Artwork: Romain Barbot.

“Following a number of quality drone/dark ambient releases on cassette including last year’s HITD release Orbs & Channels, as well as digital EPs, CDs and with some quality experimental collaborations and splits under their belts, it was high time that Romain Barbot and Greg Buffier got their 5 year evolution onto wax.

And it has been worth the wait. Deep/Float is arguably Saåad’s most crafted and coherent work to date. The record is broadly inspired by their week-long auditory experiments at the Faï farm in 2013 where, in a valley at the foot of the Alps, they improvised music in a completely natural atmosphere using three giant horns reverberating against a cliffside to amplify their sounds. Over the following six months, the duo decided to carry on reinventing their writing. They have stripped their rig right down to its bare skin, exploring the essence of their work and coming up with an extremely minimal, almost carnal approach to their music.

The final outcome is a luminous album, a 40 minutes musical healing cure made up of a complex mix of field recordings, ambient improv and abstract drone. And, of course, the record wouldn’t be complete without a tremendous artwork by Romain Barbot to visually complete and complement the album’s themes of sexuality and elemental forces.”

Music videos directed by Grégoire Orio (AS HUMAN PATTERN).

Encaustic Paintings by Matt Duffin

Matt Duffin wurde 1968 geboren und wuchs in Houston, Texas auf, wo er später seinen Bachelor of Science in Architektur an der University of Houston erhielt. Danach praktizierte er aber nie als Architekt, sondern entschloss sich dazu ein Künstler zu werden. Durch die Kunst fand er heraus, dass er seine Neigung zu rechten Winkeln und Perspektiven einfach mit Themen menschlicher Einsamkeit und Ironie kombinieren konnte. Im Laufe der Zeit hat sich schliesslich sein Medium von Holzkohle zu Encausticwachs entwickelt, aber das Leben des Künstlers findet trotzdem weiterhin im Reich der dunklen Winkel und starken Kontraste statt.

// Paintings © Matt Duffin /// via //

TOTEM by Caleb Wood

A celebration of anima by Caleb Wood.

Levalet “Impoundment” // Paris, France

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Levalet //

Cruising by Zachary Zezima

Based on a true story, Cruising follows a young man through an extrovert’s dream and an introvert’s nightmare; the chaotic and cacophonous world of forced-fun aboard an insular cruise ship. His initial inability to accept his environment drives him to suicidal fantasy, where he learns to cope with his stressors, discomfort and anxieties.

Animated & directed by Zachary Zezima • Sound & music by Michael Goldman.