ASC – Auxcast Phase Two: Episode 04 // February 2013

“Upon listening, you’ll realise there’s a new format for Phase Two. Each episode will feature three 30 minute segments. Every month, I’ll be providing one of the 30 minutes, and I’ll be joined by two Auxiliary artists who will provide the rest of the content. No track listings will be provided for Phase Two at any time, before you ask!” – ASC.

Episode 4 : [ Synth Sense | RQ | ASC ]

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This Is My Court

An ode to streetball culture, narrated by Michael Kenneth Williams (of Omar/Chalky White infamy).

Concept/Director: TWiN (Jonathan & Josh Baker) // Writer: Elizabeth Nolan.

:: Gravis Japan Montage // Ride On

Hiroki Muraoka & Jiro Kaneko // Ride On: Gravis.

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Paintings by Nadja Jovanovic

Exzellente Malereien der Künstlerin Nadja Jovanovic, die aus Zagreb, Kroatien stammt.

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A Million Times

Stockholm based studio Humans since 1982 will present their kinetic work “A million times” at Design Days Dubai / Victor Hunt Gallery from 18. – 21. March 2013 // Engineering: David Cox.

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Celluloid Warfare ii

celluloid warfare returns… a film by sam spreckley.

“parts of insects are destroyed through the projector and a complex soundtrack aims to create a heightened audio visual experience.. my thoughts at the moment center around synesthesia, specifically where movements are translated to an abstract sound. I like very much to play with this relationship between movement, sound and the human senses.”

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Geometric Street Art by Moneyless

In Mailand geboren, wuchs Moneyless in der Toskana auf. Der italienische Street Art Künstler sagt über seine geometrisch abstrakte Kunst: “Meine Formen werden auf ein Minimum reduziert, gleichzeitig tragen sie eine Art intensiver Spannung, eine unsichtbare Bewegung. Die meisten meiner Muster verbergen mehrere Visionen und verschiedene Perspektiven.”

// Images © Moneyless /// via urbanshit //


Codswallop is a subconscious drift through despair, frustration, joy and redemption.

Based on a series of surreal stream of consciousness postcards sent by the filmmaker to their son, ‘Codswallop’ features a collection of uncanny characters at crucial moments in their briefly glimpsed stories // A Film by The Brothers McLeod.

Mysterious Swamp

It’s a mysterious story about a black stork, some frogs and a terrible danger lurking deep in the Estonian swamps. Animation & Idea: Chintis Lundgren // Music & Sound: Pastacas (Ramo Teder).

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Quadrant & Iris :: Plasmodium Radio Podcast 109

“Podcast Quadrant and Iris completed for Plasmodium radio! This came out about a year ago, and uploading it to SC now if you didn’t get a chance to listen! enjoy and support plasmodium!”

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