Snail Trail by Philipp Artus

A film by Philipp Artus debuting online exclusively in Cartoon Brew‘s 3rd Student Animation Festival.

New Art by Johan Thörnqvist

Neue fantastische Bilder des schwedischen Künstlers Johan Thörnqvist. Geschickt kombiniert er Fotografien mit Illustrationen, wodurch sein unverwechselbarer Stil entsteht.

/ Images © Johan Thörnqvist // More Johan Thörnqvist Art @ -::[robot:mafia]::- // via /

The Renter // A Shortfilm by Jason Carpenter

A young boy is dropped off at an elderly woman’s home for the day. A lone man, who rents a room, adds to the unsettling atmosphere. The savage slaughter of a chicken makes this daycare a harsh and confusing world for the boy, who learns caring can be shown in unexpected ways.

To date, The Renter has won 18 awards/nominations and has screened at more than 85 film festivals worldwide // A film by Jason Carpenter.

Kingdom Crumbs – Evoking Spirits… // Official Video

Video directed by Ori Toor.
Kingdom Crumbs – Evoking Spirits… from the album “Kingdom Crumbs“.

Yari Ostovany // Fragments Of Poetry And Silence

In a pocket of earth / I buried all the accents / of my mother tongue
there they lie / like needles of pine / assembled by ants
one day the stumbling cry / of another wanderer / may set them alight
then warm and comforted / he will hear all night / the truth as lullaby

– John Berger

/ Images © Yari Ostovany // via Dark Silence In Suburbia /

Absis: Animated Infographics by Forma & Co

“Absis” heisst die Serie animierter Infografiken des unabhängigen Grafikdesign Studios Forma & Co aus Barcelona, Spanien. Hier zu sehen (von oben nach unten) sind die Grafiken zu Verwaltung, Ordnung, Infrastruktur und Modularität. Weitere Grafiken findest Du auf der Website des Studios.

/ Images © Forma & Co /

Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut // Official Video

Flying Lotus‘ ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ is out Oct 2nd on Warp Records // Video directed by Cyriak.

Everything Gets Left Behind.

Each installment is performed live without prior rehearsal by Brian Ratigan // Soundtrack by koas.

16mm. India ink. Scotch tape. Razor blades. Miscellaneous reels.
⁖ Chapter One: Everything Gets Left Behind is an excerpt from an original 11 minute projection.

⁖ Chapter Two: Midwinter is the second installment in a series of live performances.

Part 1 of 2. Our journey begins in tranquil ephemera, then evolves into broken reality.

⁖ Chapter Three: You Can Never Go Home is an excerpt from an original live 16mm film projection with additional 8mm projected as an overlay.

MAURS – IM:LTD Podcast #05 // September 2012

“Barely recovered and still under the excitment of a week spent at Sun&Bass, Cagliari producer and DnBCast resident MAURS has quickly granted us with some exclusive podcast to give you a taste of what’s to expect next on IM:Ltd.”

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Enemies Of The Internet

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