Alva Noto + Opiate – Opto File 2

Alva Noto + Opiate “Opto File 2″ // Video: [k_sixsix].
Opto Files // 2001 raster-noton cdr 040.

// via Dreamt about Dreaming //

KLJM – ESOL // Directed by Joan Guasch

Artist: Keith, Lippok, Jean-Michel • Song: ESOL • Taken from KLJM – “Blood On My Fendi”.
Director & Post: Joan Guasch • Art direction: Joan Guasch & Shahin Haghjou.

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❖ Graphics Interchange Format #33

☇ Animated Image “meta_hexa” © mr. div //

☇ Animated Image “Split Cities” © Jamila Hodges //

☇ Animated Image © Patakk //

The Violence of Mexican Drug Cartels

A bitterly violent war against Mexican Drug Cartels wages on across the U.S. border. Tens of thousands are being murdered, and over a million are being forced to flee their homes. U.S. laws and policy play a major role in the conflict’s violence. This video is about understanding the complexities of the war and why it is happening.

Volor Flex – Origami Sound Podcast #2 // February 2013

“In light of both Valentine’s Day and the release of his third album, February 15th, Volor Flex has put together a mix comprised of unreleased, untitled and forthcoming tracks for your listening pleasure. Enjoy & Spread the love!” – Origami Sound.

✖ No Tracklist Available.

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B.B. DOE – Lace & Lithium

Idea & camera by B.B. DOE // Edit & compositing by Roland Lindner /

Illustrations by John Holcroft

John Holcroft, sesshaft in Sheffield, England, ist ein freiberuflicher Illustrator mit einem Grafikdesign Studium, welches er am Sheffield Norton College absolvierte. Der Künstler malt mit Acrylfarben auf Leinwand, auf seiner Webseite findest du ein interessantes Portfolio mit einer Vielzahl von Bildern.

// Illustrations © John Holcroft /// via Área Visual //


A short film directed by Hello,Savants! // Set design & model making: Francesco Castellani.
Music composition: Plastikjoy from the track “Morse Code”.

The Wonderful Doodle Art of Lei Melendres

Diese beeindruckenden Kritzeleien stammen von dem philippinischen Künstler Lei Melendres. Seine Skizzenbücher sind randvoll von diesem wunderbaren Zeug und auf seinem Tumblr-Blog oder auf seiner DeviantArt-Galerie gibt es noch eine Menge mehr dieser ausgefallenen Sachen zu entdecken.

// Images © Lei Melendres /// via //

For The Record

An expedition undertaken to discover, learn, meet and document the ideas and people behind the controls of vinyl record production.

Recorded over 6 weeks, travelling through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK – For The Record exposes a number of notions about why vinyl is such an indelible medium and how it continues to remain popular in the the face of opposing format change.

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