Sculptures That Lost The Sense Of Time // Trailer

For an artist, what is his own art?
To what extent can an artist become one with his work?

Imagine a sculptor working on a marble figure. This artwork, while being shaped, will develop a life of its own, with its own soul. Now imagine this newborn soul wanting be part of the artistic process, contributing to the creation of an artwork in which itself is contained. And as its creativity fuels the process, it also slowly consumes itself, just as humans expend to eventually become a pile of dust.

What if the artist, witnessing this phenomenon, would then want to repossess his artwork and make it part of himself again?

Sculptures That Lost The Sense Of Time is a collaboration between Luigi Pane and Federico Pepe who get together to explore and play with what are in fact a series of “impossible paradoxes in art”.

written and directed by LUIGI PANE & FEDERICO PEPE.

based on the project “Un Homme Juste Est Quand Mȇme Un Homme Mort” by FEDERICO PEPE & PIERPAOLO FERRARI.

Snowflake by Eoin Duffy

A short Christmas tale by Eoin Duffy.

Exponent of Escape

// Animated Image © Patakk ///

Lumin by Mark Wincek

A lone hunter making ends meet in a world without a sun. He uses light to catch his prey, but unfortunately, so do the other creatures • An animated short film by Mark Wincek.

L’Île Noire // Trailer

Animated Shortfilm by Nino Christen • Animation: Nino Christen & Milan Hofstetter.

On an island, at the edge of the woods, a watchman and his bird live a miserable and isolated life. One day a deceptive chance came up to escape the boredom. But great danger lurks behind it.

Planet Ten & Eleven by Andy Martin

“Who’s the biggest fool, the fool or the followers of the fool? The residents of Planet Eleven face this question while running.”

“While reminiscing about times long gone, one of the former residents of Planet Ten has a plan to get back to those heady days. But will his hubris be his undoing?”

This is the tenth & eleventh animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during October & November 2013 by Andy Martin.

Drawings by Jacob van Loon

Diese beeindruckenden Zeichnungen stammen von dem in Chicago, USA lebenden Maler und Designer Jacob van Loon. Ein vielfältiges Portfolio findest du auf der Webseite des Künstlers.

“My work introduces organic, linear elements to geometric forms, with an aesthetic influenced by architecture, cartography, scientific illustration and graphic design.”

// Drawings © Jacob van Loon /// via //

Wonderful Animations by Louis Morton

Wonderful animations by Louis Morton, an animator & designer based in Los Angeles, California.

// via //

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #47

☇ Animated Image “Prisoners – Denis Villeneuve” © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

☇ Animated Image “AnotherEarth (2011)” © Tech Noir //

☇ Animated Image “Prisoners – Denis Villeneuve” © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

Applescal :: From A To Sea

ApplescalFrom A To Sea” // Atomnation // Release 09 December 2013 // Artwork: Alex Coll

Entitled ‘From A to Sea – Unreleased Works 2008 / 2012’, Applescal presents a 9-track mini album with various old works and journeys, as you would expect, through all manner of electronic influences. From minimal leanings seen on his releases for German label Traum, through to the pastoral electronica seen on his Atomnation releases, abstract ‘non-glitch’ IDM, bouncy brain-dance and more. Peppering his tunes with shades of Aphex Twin, Radiohead and even naïve 80s style electronics, the Dutch producer manages to wring emotion from the barest of elements, with his tracks travelling through the gamut of emotions from sadness through to uplifting happiness.

The tracks, culled from an old, forgotten computer, are as at home on the dance floor as they are on headphones or audiophile speakers.