The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4

I met a very interesting fellow recently. His name is Desmondo Ray, and this is his video dating tape • Written & directed by Steve Baker.

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Cock & Swan :: Melt Down

“Melt Down” from Cock & Swan‘s forthcoming album, “Secret Angles”.
Coming out on Hush Hush Records 10 September 2013.

Dpat :: In Bloom

DpatIn Bloom” // Soulection // Release 27 August 2013 // Artwork: Samüel Johnson.

“Above Us” comes from Dpat‘s forthcoming highly anticipated release ‘In Bloom’, out August 27, 2013 on Soulection. The track represents Dpat‘s soft, yet intentional beat structure full of dreamy keys, rnb charisma and Sango-infused basslines. Angelic vocals from Austin-based Isles are weaved throughout the track making this heater a preview of what’s to come on ‘In Bloom’, a dreamy yet dark masterpiece.

Dpat “Bloom” music video directed & cinematography by J.Vash.

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Bell’s Worth :: Bountiful Findings EP

Bell’s Worth “Bountiful Findings” (ERR005) // Clean Error Records // Release 17 September 2013.

“Recently juxtaposed to the Clean Error Records family, Wisconsins Bell’s Worth releases “Bountiful Findings.” A coadunating and yoked mixture of just the right assimilation of the Jazz fusion planetarium with affixabl.ed IDM like a locking interlace. Pouring out an augmentation of heart and soul that clasps a listener onboard the most striking shorelines of the Amazon where the redeeming waters swirl like the Harpia harpyja above, the worth of Benjamin Ellsworth congregates within the basins and plateaus that few never attain musically with such biological heterogeneousness. Anidian on the multifold.”

Submerse :: Fabriclive x Tempo Clash Mix // August 2013

“Having already released music on labels like Germany’s Project Mooncircle and R&S sister label, Apollo, Submerse has cultivated a distinct and recognisable sound that spreads itself thickly across genres. Made in promotion of Submerse‘s appearance in the Tempo Clash hosted RM 2 on Friday 30th August @ Fabric London.”

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Wonderful GIF Art by Bill Domonkos

Bill Domonkos ist bildender Künstler und Filmemacher. Seine Arbeiten wurden international in Kinos, auf Filmfestivals, in Galerien und Museen gezeigt. Mehr bewegte Bilder findest Du auf seinem Blog.

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Each Line One Breath: Freehand Drawings By John Franzen

“Starting with a straight line, I draw each following sequence by copying the character of the previous. I concentrate on breathing and focus on drawing the successor. Again and once more. Again and again. In the process of drawing, my lines evolve into a kind of logarithmic pattern and layering, steered merely by aberrances and anomalies of human failure in contrast to the precision of a machine.”

// Filmed & Edited by Daniel van Hauten.

• Making of “Each Line One Breath” by John Franzen

• Showcase Reboot Vol.20: With John Franzen “Each Line One Breath”

☇ From the 20th of August until the 3rd of September at Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin you can have a closer look at the works of the german artist John Franzen.

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Gurus In The Ganges

In early February 2013, Sean Malto, Sebo Walker, Mark Suicu and Nestor Judkins traveled to legendary India. Their plan was to traverse the breadth of the Subcontinent’s core with their ultimate goal to reach the Kumbh Mela gathering. The four sought to try and demonstrate that even in the most densely populated, chaotic places in the developing world, one can indeed push forward and manage to skateboard despite the visceral challenges such conditions present.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner // Hosted by the Skateboarding Magazine.

Between Villains: Captain Murphy, DOOM & Earl Sweatshirt

“Between Villains”: The collaboration between Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus) & Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM) also features Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt & Thundercat. Soon on Williams Street Records.

Modern Ruin: Black Hole

The first half of a film by Jeff Frost • 150,000 photographs in the making combining time lapse footage of riots and optical illusion paintings.

Modern Ruin is a contemplation of the idea that creation and destruction is the same thing (this half of the film focuses on destruction). The white hole from which our universe sprang, and the blackness into which it may disappear testify to as much, yet these bookends of existence are inadequate to address everything in between.