Sur Sa Trace

“A dog looks for tracks that resemble its own.”

Directed & animated by Axel de Lafforest • Music: Tanneguy de Villemagne.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #67

☇ Animated Image “Rotation” © Clay Shonkwiler //

☇ Animated Image “Meredith / Bathyscaphe (2015)” © Matthieu Bourel //

☇ Animated Image © Patakk //

COSMO: A Graphic Space Journey

Driven by their musical composition, Gabriel Aldama (artistic director) and Pierre-Guilhem Roudet (Motion designer) is revealing its 2D/ 3D animation video. A short odyssey through space.

The result is a sci-fi/retro comics style video. Thus the viewer can press pause at any moment and admire one of the 24 images/second for what it is: an image.

The 4th Planet

The 4th Planet is a transmedia project of science-fiction, a large retro-futuristic adventure infused with political and societal topics, developed on three platforms: a web platform, a serial, a video game.

Concept & Development: Jean Bouthors • Art Director: Jean Bouthors & Titouan Bordeau.

Trampique :: Opscope

TrampiqueOpscope” ★ Label: Dark Clover Records ★ Released 01 June 2015 ★

Opscope” is Alex Frolov’s third album in 14 months under the Trampique guise and it only goes to show that putting the Volor Flex alias at rest (at least for a while) changes nothing in how incredibly prolific this multi-faceted artist really is.

The solar system-themed collection of tracks leaves its concept to be discovered in the music, as always. Each of the ten tracks channels emotions and states of mind that render genre names obsolete, making this journey through planets a legitimate exploration of an incredible spirit’s universe.

Artwork by Mihai Dragomir.

In Guns We Trust

In Kennesaw, a small American town in the state of Georgia, a good citizen is an armed citizen. By law, since 1982, each head of household must own at least one working firearm with ammunition.

Director & Photography: Nicolas Levesque • Editor: Guillaume Langlois.

Hannibal Poster Art by Daniel Danger

⏚ Poster Art by Daniel Danger: 18″ x 36″ Screenprint. Hand numbered Edition. Costs $45.
// Illustration © Daniel Danger /// ☇ Poster Art @ Mondo /// via //

AFLOAT by Scott Wenner

Alone on a raft in the middle of the ocean, a bedraggled stranger battles both the elements and his own mind.

A film by Scott Wenner • Original Score & Sound Design by Kent Militzer.


Cocoon is a 360 degree by 220 degree spherical, immersive video installation directed & produced by Factory Fifteen.

Cocoon places the participants inside several shells of abstract and figurative architectural spaces, which slowly peel away. Cocoon believes architecture is not static, it is transitory, evolving, animated. Our city is our cocoon.

Cocoon was exhibited at the SAT Immersion Experience Symposium in Montreal in May 2015.

REW DAY // A Svilen Dimitrov Film

A day of a man’s life is seen as on a videotape which is being rewound. When he wakes up in the morning he has no idea what lays ahead.

Written & directed by Svilen Dimitrov.

// via Seitvertreib //