A real-time audio-visual performance work by Paul Prudence that uses a bi-directional communication between audio and visual systems to create colour-shape-sound modalities.


Direction / CG / Sound by Dxmiq.

Graphic Novel: “Flut!” von Eric Drooker

Am Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts: Der Mensch im Moloch New York – einsam und verloren streift er durch die Straßen. Es beginnt zu regnen. Um dem tristen Alltag zu entfliehen, stürzt er sich ins Vergnügen, sucht Sinn in einer archaischen Traumwelt. Die Welt, die ihn umgibt, wird von der Flut verschlungen. Eric Drookers apokalyptische Erzählung kommt in ihrer expressionistischen Bildsprache, die an die Holzschnitte Frans Masareels erinnert, ganz ohne Worte aus.

In den Panels dieses poetischen Endzeitmythos produziert Eric Drooker mit seiner sozialpolitischen Gesellschaftskritik eine ungemein atmosphärische und inhaltliche Dichte, in den nicht nur historische Ereignisse wie die Kolonialisierung, der Sklavenhandel und die New Yorker Aufstände der späten 80er Jahre Eingang finden.

Mit einem Vorwort von Art Spiegelman.

Als Special sind dieser Graphic Novel eine Auswahl der schönsten Covergestaltungen des „The New Yorker“ Magazins von Eric Drooker und ein Interview mit dem Künstler beigefügt.

Eric Drooker “Flut!” :: Avant-Verlag • 192 Seiten farbig • Klappenbroschur EUR 19,95 €.
• ISBN 978-3-939080-84-8 //

Oakin Live @ Querfeld // Fusion Festival 2013

Oakin Live @ Querfeld, Fusion Festival 2013.

“It was a big honour to play at the Fusion Festival because it is my favourite festival and it was a great feeling to be a part of it. Moreover it was the longest set I have ever played in front of an audience and one of my most intensive musical expierences. I was just going with the flow playing some of my all time favourites, some new tunes and some tunes which fitted perfectly into the moment. I hope you enjoy the sound and can feel the vibe. Thanks to the lovely audience!”

Spread music, spread love!

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The Photographer Series: Jonathan Mehring

“It’s just an expansion of the high school road trip. You got your drivers license and you’re heading out into the unknown.” – Jonathan Mehring.

The Photographer Series tells the stories behind some of skateboardings most epic images and the dudes who made them // Filmed & edited by Andrew Norton.

The Caretaker :: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

The CaretakerAn Empty Bliss Beyond This World” // Released 01 June 2011 // Artwork: Ivan Seal.

The Caretaker conjures a quieter, more introspective spirit, lost in his own mind amidst a low-lit labyrinth of ever-decaying and antediluvian shellac phrases. Sourced from a mysterious collection of 78s, these vague snippets of archaic sonics reflect the ability of Alzheimers patients to recall the songs of their past, and with them recollections of places, people, moods and sensations.

I Killer by Francesco Calabrese

Italy, summer of 1987. The infamous “Killer” gang is initiating two new members, and it’s going to be messy // Produced by Mybosswas, Ring Film & Withstand.

Based on the novel “Prove di Coraggio” by Nicola Lombardi // Directed by Francesco Calabrese.

Mount Kimbie :: You Took Your Time

Mount Kimbie Featuring King Krule “You Took Your Time” From the Album “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” // Video directed by Marcus Söderlund.

“Where should we escape when we have no place to go?” muses Swedish director Marcus Söderlund of his new video to introspective electronic duo Mount Kimbie’s sweeping single, “You Took Your Time,” filmed on location just outside London in the marshy, urban landscape of Tilbury, Essex. “In a more equal society, the suburbs wouldn’t be places you have to leave.”

Shaman Fighters

A felled is a free soul, ready to fight.
Animation by Martin Carolo // Music by S.O.A.D.

Ametsub :: Lucent

Video by Dominic Plaza // Music by Ametsub “Lucent” From the Album “All is Silence”.

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