Vis by Joachim Fusiecki

The video shows a metaphoric story of a victim, totally helpless facing brutal violence on its way. Injustice of that meeting leaves the feeling of a revenge, rubbing the borders between life and death.

Animation directed by Joachim Fusiecki.

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The Amazing World of Gumball LOOPS

Directed & animated by Gabriel Fermanelli / Ronda • Claymation: Can Can Club.

Andrea :: Nasa EP

AndreaNasa EP” ★ Label: Moose Records ★ Released 13 April 2015 ★

Andrea is the definition of the “bedroom-producer” that makes organic music with a subtle landscape feeling.”

Cosmos Will Save The World

One night, passing through her childhood home of Russia, a woman reminisces about faraway landscapes.

Written & directed by Patrick Lapierre.

New Illustrations by Vincent Mahé

Ausgewählte Abbildungen des Illustrators Vincent Mahé aus einer Broschüre für Investoren der “Société du Grand Paris”, in der geplant wird, eine neue U-Bahnlinie um Paris zu bauen.

// Illustrations © Vincent Mahé //

Illustrations by Björn Griesbach

Diese Illustrationen stammen von Björn Griesbach, ein in Hannover ansässiger Künstler, der seinen Master in Communication Arts an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig absolviert hat. Ein Portfolio findest du auf seiner Behance-Galerie.

// Illustrations © Björn Griesbach //

Selected Walls by The Yok & Sheryo

Hier einige ausgewählte Arbeiten der australischen Künstler The Yok und Sheryo, die gemeinsam bereits in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt ausgestellt und gemalt haben.

// Images © The Yok & Sheryo //

ALB :: The Road

Directed by Julien Lassort • Music: ALB “The Road” • Producted by Solab.

One Bright Dot by Clément Morin

A little light rises from the deep sea.

Pictures: Clément Morin • Music: Etienne Forget • Sound Design: Hugo Thouin.

Polaroid Notes :: The Long Bright Dark

Polaroid NotesThe Long Bright Dark” ★ Audio Gourmet Netlabel ★ Rel. 04 April 2015 ★

Polaroid Notes is a German artist who has lived near the Alps for the last 20 years. He has been playing experimental music since the eighties and since 2012 he began recording as Kraut Sounds. Polaroid Notes is a fresh project heading into a new direction which lies somewhere between Ambient and Modern Classical.

The Long Bright Dark‘ is Polaroid Notes‘ debut EP for Audio Gourmet, with four improvised piano-led tracks. The pieces traverse icy effects-drenched notes, subtle field recordings and swirling synth drones.