Optical Illusions: Bill Carman

Solo Exhibition May 12 — Jun 3, 2012 @ Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, Canada.

Bill Carman‘s work straddles the line between narrative and surreal, often finding comfort in a strange middle ground consisting of humanized animals, dreamy gradients, and wonderland peculiarities. A trained artist having earned an MFA in fine arts at Brigham Young University, Carman has since achieved success with his pop surreal illustrations. His list of clients include Macmillan Publishing, Random House, LucasArts, and the children’s book, “What’s That Noise?” He currently teaches art at Boise State University.”

/ Image © Bill Carman // More Bill Carman Artworks @ -::[robot:mafia]::- /

Hello My Friend – Skateboarding In Vietnam

A 2 weeks trip in Vietnam and Thailand with the Vagabond skate team.
With Cyres Wong, Jay Meador, Dan Leung, Keng Qu, Alex hwang & Blackie

Directed, filmed & edited by Charles Lanceplaine // Additional filming by Anthony Claravall.

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Aesop Rock – Zero Dark Thirty // Official Video

The first video/single from Aesop Rock‘s upcoming album Skelethon. Cover Artwork by Aryz.

Director: Isaac Ravishankara // Artist: Coro // Label: Rhymesayers.com

-::[robot:mafia]::- podcast #01: Sonae // May 2012

sonae: robotmafia shortdance

robots love to dance. following an old tradition, they dance three times a day: they gather on center_plaza of their robot_community at 06:26, 14:26 and 21:26 for 26 minutes.
enjoy joining them on their legendary robotmafia shortdance * **

// Sonae lives in cologne, germany, where she works as a dj and author besides studies of online_editor at university of applied science. Check out her soundcloud page for more amazing mixes.

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/ Cover Artwork under cc-license by Jacob Fredrickson /

Shyscapes by Misha Shyukin

This is a mesmerizing short motion graphics fine art video from Misha Shyukin’s Bachelor graduate project. The accompanying music track is ‘Tristana’ by Nils Frahm, courtesy of Erased Tapes Records and taken from his debut ‘Wintermusik‘.

/ via glaserei /

N.Phect – Black Sun Empire Podcast 18 // April 2012

A mix by N.Phect for Black Sun Empire Podcast to celebrate the release of his new single Lotus / Resilience on Obsessions.

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Soeng by Lam Ho Tak

“Working after working, it is many people’s life. No time for them to think, dream or even taking a rest. They work for money just like a machine. But where are your dreams? Money can make you forgot your wish. Money can takes away all your time. Money can destroy your life. It is the life you are dreaming for?”

“Soeng”, a Cantonese direct translate of a Chinese character “想”. It means think, dream, believe and wish. Going to Soeng mean heading to your dream.

This animation by Lam Ho Tak is the official music video of Near Light by Ólafur Arnalds.

Luminosity In The Dark Rift: Doze Green

Doze Green – Luminosity in the Dark Rift.
Solo Exhibition May 19 — Jun 16, 2012 @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, USA.

/ Painting © Doze Green // More Doze Green Artworks @ -::[robot:mafia]::- // via /

Will (Director’s Cut) by Eusong Lee

Visual Development, Story, Animation: Eusong Lee (Director) // Julian Kleiss (Musician).

Untitled // Pat Perry

Untitled. Watercolor and ink on paper.

/ Painting © Pat Perry // via Dark Silence In Suburbia /