Digital Culture: Graphic Design by Martín Azambuja

Diese wundervollen Grafikdesign Illustrationen stammen von Martín Azambuja, der in Montevideo, Uruguay lebt. Ein Portfolio des Künstlers mit weiteren Bildern findest du auf seiner Webseite.

// Illustrations © Martín Azambuja //

Design Starts Here

Director: Elias Freiberger • Music & Sound Design: Echoic.

“Design Starts Here is my graduation project for the MA Graphic Moving Image course at London College of Communication. From my research into the motion design and graphic design industries, I have often discovered that many people place too much of an emphasis on software. I wanted to express in my short film how good design is in fact about coming up with ideas – that often start from pencil and paper – not just the tools at your disposal.”

Four Tet :: Live In Tokyo // December 2013

Recorded at 3:35pm on the 1st December 2013 at the Hostess Club Weekender in Tokyo, Japan.

WIND by Robert Löbel

WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. The wind creates a natural system for living.

Director: Robert Löbel • Sound Design: David Kamp • Particles: Jochen Weidner.

Graduation project at the HAW Hamburg Department Design.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #46

☇ Animated Image “131123” © Doze Studio //

☇ Animated Image “Labyrinth” © Bill Domonkos //

☇ Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

Animations by Henning M. Lederer

Junk Mail: A collaborative project between Adam Howling & Henning M. Lederer.

Tunnelblick: A constricted circular tunnel-like field of vision.

Push The Button: Based on an artwork by Tappin Gofton.

METROPOL /// 40 seconds:

/// Henning M. Lederer • Visual Communication & Animation • Master of Digital Arts.

Cogi :: Mixtape A // December 2013

Cogi “Mixtape A” • December 2013.

Cogi Releases 2013: Time O’Clock [This City Is Ours, TCIO005] • Artwork by HimHallows.

The Next Generation

**Typhoon Haiyan charity poster – All profits donated to the Philippine Red Cross**

// Illustration © Gavin Aung Than /// ☇ /// ☇ Art Print Available /// via //

Endless Melancholy :: November

Endless MelancholyNovember” // Self-released // Release 02 December 2013.

The single contains the original and video edit versions of “November”. The download includes official video for “November” in MP4 format as a bonus item.

Music by Endless Melancholy • Video by Stay in Focus.

Illustrations by Vincent Mahé

// Illustrations © Vincent Mahé /// via //