The Exit by Stephen Pagano

Inspired by the practical effects of 1970’s science fiction films, The Exit is an experimental animation, which utilizes time-lapse photography, 3D animation and compositing to create black and white images of outer space.

Direction & Visuals by Stephen Pagano // Music & Sound Design by Cliff Dweller.

^ Mathematica *1

// Mathematica code:

R[n_] := (SeedRandom[n]; RandomReal[])
RE[n_] := (SeedRandom[n]; RandomReal[ExponentialDistribution[4]])

G[Q_, t_] :=
   {PointSize[ .06* (Sqrt[RE[Q*2 i^2] + RE[Q*2 i + 1]^2])],
    Opacity[ .5*Sum[Exp[-(t - (R[Q*i] + j))^2/.1], {j, {-1, 0, 1}}]],
         RotationTransform[(k + (-1)^(i)*t)*2 Pi/8]
           [{RE[Q*2 i],RE[Q*2 i +1]}],
       {k, 0, 7, 1}]]},
 {i, 1, 200, 1}],
 PlotRange -> If[Q == 25, 1.4, 1.2],  ImageSize -> 700]

  {t, 0, .95, .05}],
 AnimationRunning -> False],
{Q, {25, 35}}]

// Animated Image © Archery (a perspective on mathematics, the pattern, and the abstract) //

⧔ Absorb ⧕

“Discover the close up landscape of absorption. Observe the magical view point up close and personal to something perhaps ignored in everyday life. A view that uses my own handheld camera movements combined with timelapse footage of pills and tablets taking on red food dye. All the photography was taken with macro extension tubes and a 50mm prime on a crop sensor.”

A film by Towering Pictures // Filmed, edited & conceived by Peter Waiting // Music: Wax by OG.

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Swallows Fly Low – Echoes

8mm & 16mm cameraless animation, video by Mikolaj Szatko.

Echoes is a multi-screen film/installation, creating an audio-visual immersive space. It draws upon notions of synaesthetic cinema, visual music and seeks to dematerialise the space. The piece was on display at Inspace, Edinburgh, in March 2013.

You can download the soundtrack here:


The BAFTA winning debut film from AKA Director Marc Craste – JO JO IN THE STARS is a 12 minute story of love, self-sacrifice, and jealousy played out against a black and white world that is both nightmarish and hauntingly beautiful.

Director: Marc Craste // Producer: Sue Goffe // Produced by Studio AKA.

Extraordinary Sketchbook Paintings by ludo 1948年

Außergewöhnliche Malereien aus dem Skizzenbuch von ludo 1948年, der mit richtigem Namen Vincenzo Pattus heißt und aus Nuoro, Italien stammt. Auf seinem Flickr-Account findest Du einen Überblick der bisherigen Arbeiten des Künstlers, die sich vielseitig und abwechslungsreich gestalten.

// Paintings © ludo 1948年 //

Black Sun Empire – BSE Podcast 23 // March 2013

Black Sun Empire – BSE Podcast 23 – March 2013.

Podcast Download

Life On Mars by Lukas Vojir

Written, Directed & Animated by Lukas Vojir // Voice by Alan Baxter.

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Space Swimmer

// Animated Image “Space Swimmer” © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

“Warrior” Art Print by DKNG

• Print by DKNG: 18″ x 24″ Screen Print. Open Edition Signed. Costs $25.
// Image © DKNG Studios /// ☇ Art Print Available /// via //