Ruben Aguirre // The Shift Change

A biographical piece exploring the life that exists in and around the works of Ruben Aguirre.

Featuring collaborative works by Miguel A. Del Real & Chris Silva.
Visual: Jacob Elior Berkowitz // Audio: adoptahighway.

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Versa :: emf:002

Versaemf:002” // Label: Electro Magnetic Fields • Released 28 June 2013.

Beautiful Drawings by Eunjung Shin

Diese wunderschönen Zeichnungen stammen von Eunjung Shin, die in Seoul, Südkorea lebt und für das dort ansässige Designstudio Indivisualplay als Illustrationskünstlerin arbeitet.

// Drawings © Eunjung Shin //

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #36

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☇ Animated Image “Accident” © Mathew Lucas //

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ASC :: Time Heals All

ASCTime Heals All” // Silent Season // Released 01 Jul 2013 // Limited 300 Ed. Double CD Album.

“This is a very special release to me. I debuted the first disc of this release, along with ‘The Light That Burns Twice As Bright’ (also on Silent Season), back in May 2011 at a small intimate venue in Tokyo. Upon listening to this, it evokes a lot of great memories and feelings in me, and for that, I will always hold this LP dear to my heart. Disc 2 of this release was written when I returned from Tokyo. I spent the next few months going through field recordings I made out there and started to weave them in with my textures and pads.”

“I met a lot of great people on that visit who I can now proudly call my friends. One of them said to me after my set that I should send this material to Silent Season, as it’d be a great fit. The time is well and truly right to drop what I feel is my ambient opus to date. I hope you enjoy Time Heals All as much as I enjoyed writing it.” – ASC.

Sk803 Toss Out

Toss out from an upcoming project by Dorian Warneck.

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The Art of Punk 03 :: Dead Kennedys // Art & Music

The Art of Winston Smith.

On this episode of The Art of Punk we hit head on with the art behind the legendary Dead Kennedy’s. From the chaotic, surreal, madness, of collage mixed with political folly that blazed their LP’s and gig flyers; to the razor edge ultra simplistic four simple line DK symbol. In San Francisco we corner founding Dead Kennedy’s member Jello Biafra, and discuss his own warped inspiration for the many sleeves and posters created in the early days of the band. Back in Los Angeles we talk with pop surrealist artist Tim Biskup about how the DK’s affected and twisted his own young mind, and Steve Olson graces us with a few words of wisdom. Finally we meet up with master collage artist, and designer of the DK’s symbol, Winston Smith in his North Beach art studio, and talk about how he was drawn into the early Bay Area punk scene – and his long and creative artist relationship with the Dead Kennedy’s and Jello Biafra.

Created, directed, and Executive Produced by writer/author of ‘Fucked Up + Photocopied’, Bryan Ray Turcotte (Kill Your Idols), and Bo Bushnell (The Western Empire), The Art Of Punk traces the roots of the punk movement and the artists behind the iconic logos of punk bands such as: Black Flag (Raymond Pettibon), The Dead Kennedys (Winston Smith), and Crass (Dave King).

“Things To Come” Poster Art by Laurent Durieux

• Poster by Laurent Durieux: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Signed & Numb. Ed. of 230. Costs $60.
// Illustration © Laurent Durieux /// ☇ Art Print Available @ /// via //

Look by Justine Klaiber & Jane Mumford

Written & Animated by Justine Klaiber & Jane Mumford.

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Heinz Aimer Graphic Design

Wundervolle Bilder des aus Berlin stammenden Grafik- und Webdesigners Heinz Aimer. Ein Portfolio des Künstlers, sowie eine große Auswahl an Drucken findest Du auf seiner Society6-Galerie.

// Graphic Design © Heinz Aimer /// ☇ Art Prints Available //