Villagers :: Cecelia & Her Selfhood

Directed by Adrien Merigeau.

Music by Villagers / Conor O’Brien • Dragon / Jackal cut-out paper sequences by Eimhin McNamara.

“Up From The Well” Art Print by Victo Ngai

• Print by Victo Ngai: 8″ x 10″ Giclee. Edition of 250. Costs $25.
// Image © Victo Ngai /// ☇ Art Print Available @ /// via //


In a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland, a creature and his dog find a radio that may lead them to new life • Jared D. Weiss` 2012 thesis film from the School of Visual Arts • Music by Chris Roberts.

Soundtrack available on limited edition cassette.

Washed Ashore

A castaway finds himself washed ashore a beach at the foot of a towering city. His curiosity draws him into the urban expanse he finds before him. Whilst in the city he tries to get in touch with the society. However the characters he meets are strange, superficial and snippy, and after a series of unfortunate events he finds himself a castaway once more.

A film by Jonas Ott • Music by Christian Aregger • Sounddesign by Wouter Messelink.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #50

☇ Animated Image “Cubist” © Mathew Lucas //

☇ Animated Image “140123” © Doze Studio //

☇ Animated Image “Mitosis Imminent” © Echophon //

“Green Power” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

• Print by Shepard Fairey: 18″ x 24″ Screen Print. Signed & numbered Ed. of 450. Costs $45.
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Illustrations by Adrien Merigeau

Adrien Merigeau ist Filmemacher, Animationskünstler und Art Director, der ursprünglich aus Frankreich stammt und zurzeit in Irland lebt. Seinen wunderbaren Kurzfilm Old Fangs kannst Du hier sehen. Noch viel mehr von seinen fantastischen Arbeiten findest Du auf seiner Webseite.

// Illustrations © Adrien Merigeau /// via //

Compilation: 3 Years of Soulection

➲ Compilation “3 Years of Soulection” // Label: Soulection // Released 24 January 2014.

“In response to us hitting our 3 Year Anniversary we want to present to you a compilation that reflects Soulection and the progression that we have made in these past 3 years. From the very first release (Soulection Compilation Vol. 1) which launched on January 24, 2011 all the way until today, we highlighted the best tracks from each of our releases.

We have so many new ears and we just want to thank you. We are excited for what is next in 2014 and happy to have you along with us. Lets keep progressing and spreading this true music. If you feel this, spread it. Enjoy.”Soulection Family.

Hatti Vatti & Synkro :: Tokyo

New Moon Recordings‘ cornerstone artist Hatti Vatti is set to release his long-awaited debut album, entitled Worship Nothing, on 3 February 2014.

Floating, haunted vocals pervade the half-step of “Tokyo” a shimmering collaboration with Manchester producer Synkro. Also hovering around the minimal 170bpm sound are “Synthesis” and “Black Flowers”, which features vocals from Lady Katee. Slowing down to a garage-tinted swing, “Nights” is yet another collaboration with a UK artist — Versa.

Throughout Worship Nothing, Hatti Vatti has created an atmosphere that draws the listener deep into his own world of beautifully crafted beats, ambient textures, and sub-bass frequencies. Grab your headphones and float away…

Akkord :: FACT Mix 421 // January 2014

“Originally designed as an anonymous project – though Akkord’s identity was eventually revealed as Apollo-associated producers Synkro and Indigo – Akkord introduced themselves with a brace of self-released 12″s in 2012 […]”

AkkordFACT Mix 421 – January 2014.