Twigs & Yarn :: The Language Of Flowers

Twigs & YarnThe Language Of Flowers” // Label: flau // Released 07 August 2014.

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS is the debut LP from Texas born artists Twigs & Yarn. It is an intimate story pieced together between continents and bedrooms, a collage of musical messages assembled from traditional instruments, found objects, lonely nights, paper cups and trembling voices. The songs range from simple improvisations to meticulously arranged soundscapes, with subtle textures and melodies held together by a drowsy ambience and fuzz that will leave you sleepy-eyed and dreaming. The album was beautifully mastered by Nick Zammuto (The Books, Zammuto).

Recorded during a yearlong separation, the music embraces the discovery of sharing sounds from across the sea through ftp servers and email. Utilizing lo-fi recorders, homemade microphones, looping pedals and layered vocals, the songs developed slowly from the random joining of sound clips never intended for each other, creating beautiful unexpected moments.

Many of the sounds for the album were recorded by Lauren McMurray while living in Japan: radio frequencies, people talking on the streets, temple bells, and quiet vocals hummed into coffee tins in the dead of night. Her voice is ethereal and strange, and she uses it to create a texture of sounds from dreamy whispers to full choruses. The final compositions were augmented and stitched together by Stephen Orsak using guitars, electronics, field recordings and sequencers. Floating across the sea, changing forms, and taking us to an unknown place, The Language of Flowers is a soundtrack for nostalgic dreams.”

Twigs & Yarn is Stephen Orsak and Lauren McMurray.

Animal L O O P S by Rafael Varona

// Animated Illustrations © Rafael Varona //

Universe Mind Video Mapping Show // New Media Night

At midnight from the 5th to the 6th of July 2014 Radugadesign opened “New Media Night” festival in Nikola-Lenivets with video mapping show.

The “Universe Mind” architectural piece by Nikolay Polissky, the most sophisticated structure for video mapping, was chosen as the object for the installation. “Murcof” electronic music served as the inspiration for the show.

Music: Murcof – Death of a Forest, Welcome to Versailles.

Vintage Neon Sign Artist Todd Sanders

Todd Sanders is a vintage neon sign artist based out of Austin. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Todd is completely self-taught and a true master of his craft. His handcrafted art is produced without the use of computer aided design preserving the unique American tradition even further.

Todd’s award winning pieces have appeared in The Museum of Neon Art, films by Robert Rodriguez, Esquire, Texas Monthly, Fast Company, HGTV and Southern Living. Celebrity clientele include Kings of Leon, Shepard Fairey, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and ZZ Top.

Directed by OG.

Tone by Trent Jaklitsch

All about paint.

Film: Trent Jaklitsch • Paint: Alyssa Monks.

Bothered by Christina Skyles

Two former classmates see each other on a train. One of them is cheerful and friendly, perhaps a bit pushy. The other has a tendency to have strange, explosive anxiety attacks that terrify the people around her. This is a story about their encounter.

A BYU Film • Director: Christina Skyles • Producer: Jarom Neumann.

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Illusion by Seungah Yoo

Directed by Seungah Yoo.

Music: The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – “I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay”.

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Mother by Fabrice Le Nezet

An epic and poetic journey through a surreal world.
Here is a small tribute to modern architecture, isometric video games and sci-fi literature.

Designed & Directed by Fabrice Le Nezet.
Character Animation: Benjamin Mousquet • Sound: Raphael Azel Martinez.

Motion Study by Justin Mezzell

// Animated Images © Justin Mezzell //

Streets // New York City

Director of Photography: Tim Sessler • Music: Jonsi & Alex “Stokkseyri”.