Mural Works by Daan Botlek

Eine kleine Auswahl einiger Wandmalereien des aus Rotterdam, Niederlande stammenden Künstlers Daan Botlek, welche für Ausstellungen oder als Auftragsarbeiten angefertigt wurden.

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Symbiz – The Downfall // Official Music Video

Official video “The Downfall” by Symbiz Sound // Director: Christian Meyerholz & Andreas Melcher.

“The Downfall” is the third official music video by Symbiz Sound and was awarded as best music video at UK Filmfest 2012 and best experimental film at “Kurz und Schoen” Shortfilm Festival 2012.

Content wise the video is dealing with the self-destructive tendencies of modern civilisation, seemingly doomed to fail due to its everlasting need for economic growth.

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Dead Head by Robert Wallace

The origin of Dead Head.
Animation by Robert Wallace // Audio by Rory Harnden.

31 Colors… I Hate Everything

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Ornithophobia by Emily Smith

A cat confronts his fear of birds. Directed & animated by Emily Smith.

Bensnburner – Splendom // Free Jazz Album

So it’s like the solo album of a bass player and is about how his generation (born in 84) should deal with jazz. The music could be described as a pop album with influences ranging from Miles Davis, Flying Lotus, Portishead and Krautrock.

The Record can be fully streamed and downloaded on

Artwork by Ben Krahl // Video made by David Walter.

Black Sun Empire – BSE Podcast 21 // December 2012

Black Sun Empire – BSE Podcast 21 – December 2012.

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Cosmic Jungle by Tchikioto

Script & Design: Tchikioto // Directed by Marie Ayme, Martin Brunet, Alexandre Cazals, Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo, Fabrice Fiteni, Matthieu Garcia, Alexandre Vial.

itzá! // Everything Starts Where It Ends.

itzá! is Jules Guérin, a french motion designer and art director living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working as an animator and designer. Passionate about discovering new technics and methods of animation. He loves playing with colorful illustrations and animate them.

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Hybris – Subtitles Music UK Podcast // December 2012

Hybris continues to push the limits of his brain and monitors to further uncover new sonic territory with the the ‘Occult EP‘.

Released as a 4 track Digital EP and 2 track limited white label on 17th of December.

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