Illustrator Thomas Danthony

Diese wundervollen Arbeiten stammen von Thomas Danthony, einem in Frankreich geborenen Designer und Illustrator, der heute aktuell in London, England lebt. Einige der Illustrationen des Künstlers sind als hochwertige Drucke in seinem Shop erhältlich.

// Illustrations © Thomas Danthony /// ☇  Art Prints Available // via //

Rhyming In Fives :: Narratives Music Cast 005 :: Nov 2013

Narratives Music present the latest installment of our podcast and who better to mix the fifth podcast than the elusive Rhyming in Fives.

Following his acclaimed debut release on the label, RIF takes us on a foray back into his world. Hard to pin down in style and even harder still not to simply immerse yourself in his journey; this is Rhyming in Fives, this is Narratives Music.”

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Somewhere by Nicolas Ménard

Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance.

First year film by Nicolas Ménard made at the Royal College of Art.

Direction & Animation: Nicolas Ménard • Music & Sound Design: Rich Vreeland.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #43

☇ Animated Image “Hormones Room (2013)” © Matthieu Bourel //


☇ Animated Image “RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN!!” © Neil Sanders /// via //

☇ Animated Image “131105” © Doze Studio //

The Blind: Paintings by James White

James White ist ein bildender Künstler und Designer aus Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Kanada, und betreibt das Signalnoise Studio, wo Firmen wie Nike, Google, MTV und Wired zu seinem Kundenkreis gehören. Seine persönlichen Arbeiten wurden bereits in vielen internationalen Design-Magazinen veröffentlicht. Die hier gezeigten Bilder stammen aus seinem fortlaufenden Kunstprojekt The Blind.

// Paintings © James White //

Death To QR Codes

We are not robots.

This unusual square box with black dots started to appear all over the city. It was an advertisers way of saying “We want to tell you more but, you have to scan this code first”. It destroyed a layout graphic designers put their passion into. And it confused the people who didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t sexy nor interesting to look at.

The advertisers are slowly realizing the “Let’s just put a QR code on this” boat is sinking and we no longer see those mysterious cubes anymore. However, despite the dying trend, there are plenty of companies who still use it for their marketing campaigns. We decided to let the public and the companies know that the war is over.

QR Code Hunters.

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

Selected animated stuff by Joshua Catalano.

A Tangled Tale

A lone fish, hooked by an angler’s line, encounters another in the same dire situation. As the two fish struggle against their fate, they develop an inevitable, entangling attraction. Is it love or merely a will to survive? This vibrant, watery underwater world showcases my revolutionary approach to sand animation, a seamless blend of traditionally handcrafted imagery and technological innovation.

Story & animation: Corrie Francis Parks • Music by Mark Orton • Sound by Cole Pierce.

Illustrations by Brian Edward Miller

Brian Edward Miller, Besitzer, Künstler und Illustrator hinter dem Orlin Culture Shop (OCS), angesiedelt in Erie, Colorado, schuf diese beeindruckenden Illustrationen. Seine Arbeiten bilden eine Verschmelzung aus Einflüssen seiner Kindheit aus den achtziger Jahren, dem Familienerbe aus Künstlern und Handwerkern und über ein Jahrzehnt Erfahrung als Kreativprofi.

// Illustrations © Brian Edward Miller //


Official video for ‘Blanc’ by TERRITOIRE from the album “Mandorle” out on Envelope Collective.

Direction & photography by Pedro Martín-Calero.