Vicious Circle

Filmed in Paris • Directed by Olivier Fanchon.

Illustrations by Tom Haugomat

Tom Haugomat ist ein Illustrator aus Paris, Frankreich.

Seine Arbeiten wurden bereits in zahlreichen Publikationen wie XXI und Le Monde gezeigt. Der Künstler arbeitet auch als Animationsfilmregisseur zusammen mit Bruno Mangyoku. Eine kleine Auswahl ihrer Filme hatte ich hier bereits vor einiger Zeit vorgestellt.

// Illustrations © Tom Haugomat //


“The concept behind the movie is based on making tangible graphical and abstract environments, made of plastic. Therefore handcrafting represents an essential part on this project. Timing, pacing and a touch of 2D animation played an important role in supporting the surreal atmosphere of these worlds”

Directed by Hello Savants • Set design & model making: Francesco Castellani.

Music composition: Plastikjoy from the track “Morse Code”.

La Petite Maison

A film by Isaac Holland • Music: Julien Lussiez • Sound Design: Rob Malone.

“A young man can’t help but see his girlfriend as various objects – including a french tart. Perception, misunderstanding and indifference are explored in this darkly funny animation about the foibles of romance.”

Josephine And The Roach

Directed by Jonathan Langager • Written by Jonathan Langager & Joe Swanson.

Starring: Jenna Augen & Jerry White Jr.

A woman. A cockroach. The course of true love never did crawl smooth.

Animated Short Film: Pinched

Getrieben von seinen inneren Dämonen durchforstet ein Taschendieb die U-Bahn, als plötzlich eine zufällige Begegnung mit dem Schicksal eine längst verlorene geglaubte Liebe wieder in sein Leben zurückbringt.

Directed & animated by David Vandervoort.

“A pickpocket scours the subway at the command of his inner demons, but when a chance encounter with fate brings a long-lost love back into his life, he must defy the voices in his head and choose a righteous path.”

Man Overboard

// Animated Image © Doze Studio //

Fugu & Tako

Das Leben zweier befreundeter Büroangestellter ändert sich grundlegend, als einer von ihnen in einer Sushi-Bar einen lebendigen Kugelfisch isst.

“Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Ben West, FUGU & TAKO is an amazing buddy film with stunning visual effects. The story follows two Japanese salary men’s lives that literally transform when one of them eats a live puffer fish in a sushi bar.”

Rural Science Fiction Poster Art by The Chunkives

// Illustrations © The Chunkives /// via //

“Turbulence” Art Print by Josh Keyes

⏚ Art Print by Josh Keyes: 12″ x 15″ Giclee. Time-limited Edition. Costs $50.
// Illustration © Josh Keyes /// ☇ Art Print Available @ Tiny Showcase //