Arabic Graffiti Art by eL Seed

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The Long Road

An original short by MK12, a full service lateral hyperthreaded tactical design and research bureau.

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Ametsub – Isolatedmix 31 // September 2012

“A hero in his home nation, Ametsub often finds himself sitting alongside Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, and even The Beach Boys on Japanese record shelves. Since his first album in 2006, Akihito has become some-what of a national prodigy for electronic music and given his well-earned national respect, it’s unsurprising to see his latest album ‘All Is Silence‘ infiltrating the ‘recommended’ charts in many a Japanese record store. It’s been three years since his last, and ‘All Is Silence’ was well worth the wait.”

Ametsub – Isolatedmix 31 // For more info click here.

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Anile – I:M Mix 003 // August 2012

“After only a few years in the scene, Anile has made a serious impact on Drum and Bass. With releases on Renegade Hardware, Broken Audio, Cylon and Hospital Records’ experimental offshoot label, Med School, Anile has been making a name for himself, producing everything from deep, minimal musicality to dark, tech-y moodiness. His varied styles are translated into exciting and experimental sets and we are looking forward to welcoming him to Med School in Room Three at Hospitality Bristol on Friday 6th October. This mix should give you an idea of what we can expect from Anile‘s set in October. Enjoy.”

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Architectural Photography by Nick Frank

Nick Frank lebt in München und arbeitet als Art Director in der Werbebranche. Nebenbei fotografiert er sensationelle architektonische Bilder. Ein Portfolio des Künstlers gibt es auf 500px zu sehen.

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The Ventriloquist – A Shortfilm Starring Kevin Spacey

Trigger Street Productions presents ‘The Ventriloquist’ starring Kevin Spacey.

Written & directed by Benjamin Leavitt.

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☇ Don’t Worry, Drive On: Fossil Fools & Fracking Lies

In recent months we’ve seen a spate of assertions that peak oil is a worry of the past thanks to so-called “new technologies” that can tap massive amounts of previously inaccessible stores of “unconventional” oil. “Don’t worry, drive on,” we’re told.

We can fall for the oil industry hype and keep ourselves chained to a resource that’s depleting and comes with ever increasing economic and environmental costs, or we can recognize that the days of cheap and abundant oil (not to mention coal and natural gas) are over.

// This video represents the talents of animators Alexander Perry & Michael Wilson along with audio genius Ben Roider.

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Fade – Vocal Drum & Bass Selection 2012 // August 2012

“Big respect all MC’s who working in DNB.” This is Fade`s most favourite track’s selection!

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Content – FatKidOnFire Mix // August 2012

Content – FatKidOnFire Mix – August 2012.

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Es.tereo – Absys Records Podcast 007 // August 2012

Absys Records back with new podcast series and with latest mix by Es.tereo who deliver brilliant drum and bass music.

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