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Feuerwerk by Joshua Catalano

Directed by Joshua Catalano // Music: Ben Vida – Zizzlerz.

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Friske – Hostile (Melee) // Free Download

Friske – Hostile // “Another free tune to all of our fans. Thank you for the support.” – Melee.

Wonderful Mythical Murals by El Curiot

Diese erstaunlichen Wandmalerein stammen von Favio Martinez aus Mexico City. Der Künstler, der sich auch El Curiot nennt, deutet mit seinen wundervoll farbenfrohen Kunstwerken die mythischen Traditionen seiner Heimat an. Noch viel mehr Bilder findest du auf seinem Flickr-Stream.

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Ira Lee – Time Machine To 93′ (Feat. Scream Dream Baby)

Music video for the song “Time Machine To 1993″ performed by Ira Lee (Featuring Scream Dream Baby) // Made by Grégoire Orio (As Human Pattern).

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Pjoni – Chasm // Animated Musicvideo by Jan Šrámek

Official music video for Pjoni // Direction: Jan Šrámek, Martin Búřil.

Illustration & Animation: Jan Šrámek, Veronika Vlková, Martin Búřil, Martina Chwistková.

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Vote! ★ Shepard Fairey

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Oakin – Drifting Away // November 2012

A new stunning mix by bass music producer Oakin from Nuremberg, who has mixed the excellent robot:mafia podcast #5 in september. You can find more mixes on Oakin`s soundcloud page.

Download The Mix

TinyType & Indi Kaur – Mowglis Dream

…a short film by Swapnil Awate & Pranay Patwardhan…

MOWGLIS DREAM is a truly mesmerizing track by TinyType & Indi Kaur that transports itself and the listener into a journey of silhouettes, shadows, stories and dreams whilst deliverig cutting -edge and well- written music.

Swapnil Awate & Pranay Patwardhan were quite creative and manage to come up with a very surprising and unusual result. They created a short film which is supposed to make you being absolutely amazed.

The Maker by Christopher Kezelos

A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.

The Maker has screened at over 60 festivals and won 11 awards.
Written & directed by Christopher Kezelos // Music composed by Paul Halley.

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