Four Seasons: Illustrations by Russell Cobb

Der Künstler Russell Cobb ist ein mehrfach preisgekrönter Illustrator aus Großbritannien, dessen Arbeiten bereits in zahlreichen internationalen Publikationen veröffentlicht wurden.

// Illustrations © Russell Cobb //

Walking City

Architecture + Evolution + Movement //

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.

Creative Director: Matt Pyke • Animation: Chris Perry • Soundtrack by Simon Pyke.


The short Film was visualizes a fight between an organic and a technical world. Despite their differences, both worlds try to equalize each other. Describing the desire of men to intervene and rule nature or to imitate (Bionic) is the basic idea of the animation.

“PROXIMITY” was produced at the University of Applied Science in Upper Austria (Campus Hagenberg) by students – Kristin Müller, Peter Affenzeller & Manuel Preuß – during their first semester in the “Digital Arts” masters program.

Luke Brookes Illustrations

Diese wundervollen Illustrationen stammen von Luke Brookes, einem Künstler, der in einer kleinen Stadt in Staffordshire, England lebt und arbeitet. Mehr Arbeiten findest Du auf seiner Webseite.

// Illustrations © Luke Brookes /// via //

Modern Love: Fight or Flight

As her relationship with her boyfriend was coming to an end, the writer Sarah L. Courteau grasped for a moment of tenderness between them.

Commissioned by The New York Times for the Modern Love series.
Based on the column by Sarah L. Courteau.

Animated by REANIMATION • Direction, editing, 3D animation & motion design: Stéphane Laplatte.

Ichiro_ :: Shionatto_EP

Ichiro_Shionatto_EP” // Self-released // Released 22 March 2014.

Paint Showers by Miguel Jiron

Swirling cosmos of paint give way to a storm of color and drips. An experimental animation by Miguel Jiron that is a mix of paint on glass and stop motion, Paint Showers is the anticipation, fury, and release of a colorful storm.

Illustrations by Adams Carvalho

Neue Illustrationen des aus São Paulo, Brasilien stammenden Künstlers Adams Carvalho.

// Illustrations © Adams Carvalho /// via //

The Essence Of Sound

All scenes were filmed by using lycopodium powder, a subwoofer and a Red Epic.

Director: Susi Sie • DoP: Thomas D. Spitzenberger • Editor: Maximilian Schwarz.

MATAS & Edo Lee :: Waking Nights

MATAS & Edo LeeWaking Nights” // Budo Kiba // Rel. 15 March 2014 // Art: Alex Gohorel.

Production/Mixing/Mastering: Ben Kruse & Adrian Lee Hayman.

Collaborators: Sara Robson & Justin Calder.