Wonderful Illustration Art by Colin Johnson

Der aus der Metropolregion Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA stammende Colin Johnson ist ein professioneller freiberuflicher Illustrator. Seine Arbeiten wurden bereits mehrfach ausgezeichnet und weltweit ausgestellt. Mehr von seinen Bildern gibt es auf der Website des Künstlers zu bewundern.

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Points In Space by Benjamin Ducroz

“using 1050 individual a0 sized frames with long exposure photography, points in space presents melbournes cbd’s cycles of repetition by responding to the flow of traffic at key intersections. bodies join, weld and converge into swarming masses of movement. this movement is present in each city around the world. the work presents how a city environment is controlled through organised systems. scenarios which may look like elements in chaos, work in harmony.”

made for the melbourne fringe festival 2011 as part of the atlas program.
directed by benjamin ducroz // sound: singlesignal.

Performance Art by Olivier de Sagazan

Olivier de Sagazan is a painter, sculptor and performance artist from Brazzaville, Congo, currently living in Saint Nazaire, France. Check out his website for more amazing paintings and videos.

/ Paintings © Olivier de Sagazan // via /

Kali Briis – I Love Your Face // Official Video

Video for a song called “I Love Your Face” from the upcoming “Moon Ghost” album by Kali Briis that will be released in September by Onesensemusic // Directed & animated by Chintis Lundgren.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #25

/ Easter Everywhere © JTO /

/ Unknown – Jaume Collet-Serra // Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… /

/ Image © Justin Lincoln /

Doze Green x Luminosity In The Dark Rift // Video

Behind the scenes look at Doze Green preparing his show, Luminosity in the Dark Rift, for Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC (May 19 – June 16, 2012) // Directed by Colin Michael Day.

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Forensics – J’aime Le Dubstep Mix 176 // June 2012

“Back for another wicked round is London’s Forensics with JLD #176 – a sick delivery of deep moody dubstep covered in bass rumbling landscapes. If you guy missed his first round back at JLD #158, I strongly recommend that you make your way over and grab that one too! Now that he’s affiliated with the Phantom Hertz crew, you be hearing lots more of Forensics and his crew all around. Definitely keep track of that label’s upcoming releases, and peep the track list for more forthcoming gems to be heard.”

Download Audio Mix

More Impressive Works by Jesse Reno

Der aus Portland, Oregon stammende Jesse Reno malt seitdem er einen Pinsel in der Hand halten kann und brachte sich diese Maltechniken selbst bei. Mehr als 3000 Gemälde hat er in den letzten 12 Jahren angehäuft und er stellt seine Arbeiten weitgehend in den USA, Kanada sowie Frankreich und Mexiko aus. Ein umfangreiches Portfolio des vielseitigen Künstlers findest Du auf seiner Website.

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“The Avett Brothers NYC Concert” Poster Art by Ken Taylor

Print by Ken Taylor: 12″ x 36″. Screen Print with Metallic Inks. Artist Edition of 120. Costs $35.

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My Dry Wet Mess // Etcetera by Martin Allais

Videoclip / shortfilm inspired and / for the My Dry Wet Mess song of the album Irrational Alphabet released on Magical Properties Records.

Directed by Martin Allais – Artist: My Dry Wet Mess – Record Label: Magical Properties.