Metome :: Phreatic Surface

MetomePhreatic Surface” // King Deluxe // Released 27 May 2013.

“Takahiro Uhibori aka Metome hails from Osaka, Japan. First teaching himself to play the bass, his Marcus Miller styled funk now occasionally leaps into his current productions. As well he shows some remarkable keyboard skills, especially on his favourite Rhodes piano, which he mixes seamlessly with sampled instruments and repitched vocals.”

Cinemagraphs of Popular Films by Tech Noir

“You’ll never leave me? … Of course I won’t … Of course? … Yes, of course.”
Pierrot le fou (1965)

“No one will know my secret.”
Death Note (2006)

“You can’t take that thing out with a plough or something? … Uh-huh.”
Looper (2012)

“Los Angeles November, 2019″
Blade Runner (1982)

“The pills come from a girlfriend who’s a shrink, she tried to analyze me once but she got too scared.”
Sin City (2005)

// Animated Images © Tech Noir /// via //

Planet Five by Andy Martin

“Something is stirring in the waters of Planet Five. From a single cell, one creature evolves into the next and for a fleeting moment the darkest depths of the sea are transformed by a dazzling display of light and colour.”

This is the fifth animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during May 2013 by Andy Martin.

More Sketchbook Timelapse Illustrations by Bryce Wymer

• “Flat Earth” Time Lapse Volume Twelve created by Bryce Wymer: I was told there would be cake.
Media: Graphite, Water Color, Gouache, Gel Pens, and India Ink on Acid Free Moleskin.

• “Flat Earth” Time Lapse Volume Eleven created by Bryce Wymer: Cakes without cases.
Media: Graphite, Water Color, Gouache, Collage, and Pigment Ink on Acid Free Moleskin.

“The 39 Steps” Poster Art by Adam Simpson


• Poster Art by Adam Simpson: 24″ x 36″ 5 Colour (2 Metallics) Handmade Silkscreen Print.

Signed & Numbered Variant Edition of 75. Costs £75.
// Image © Adam Simpson /// ☇ Art Print Available @ Dark City Gallery /// via //


Mbwana and his best friend Juma are two young men with big dreams. These dreams become reality when they photograph a gigantic fish leaping out of the sea and their small town blossoms into a tourist hot-spot as a result. But for Mbwana, the reality isn’t what he dreamed – and when he meets the fish again, both of them forgotten, ruined and old, he decides only one of them can survive. Jonah is a big fish story about the old and the new, and the links and the distances between them. A visual feast, shot though with humour and warmth, it tells an old story in a completely new way.

Directed by Kibwe Tavares • Written by Jack Thorne • Produced by Ivana MacKinnon.

Paul White Time-lapse Of A Drawing

A time lapse showing the progression of a pencil drawing over 30 hours by artist Paul White.
Produced with the technical assistance of Johnny Blank.

Into The Water (It’s Summer!) // More Art by Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu, die preisgekrönte in New York City, USA lebende japanische Künstlerin, hat aktuell eine Auswahl ihrer Illustrationen und Zeichnungen, die Wasser und Schwimmen zum Thema haben, auf ihrer Behance-Galerie veröffentlicht. Dies ist eine Auswahl der Bilder die mir am besten gefallen haben. Mehr wundervolle Illustrationen gibt es auf ihrer Webseite zu sehen.

“It’s June! It’s summer! Well, at least it is if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Here are collection of some of the images I have created over the years in the theme of water and swimming.”

// Images © Yuko Shimizu /// via //

Akkord :: Navigate EP

“Initially conceived as an outlet for a collective of like-minded artists from the rural outskirts of Manchester, Δkkord have already achieved more than the sum of their parts. Having self-released two long sold out records and with their ‘Surge’ track gracing the first ever 12” from the label arm of the incredibly well respected Electronic Explorations; they’ve achieved something of a cult following completely on the merits of their output. Bringing together their collected musical experience, Δkkord channel a sound that’s a hybrid of the electronic musics its members were raised on and their four track debut EP for Houndstooth is a further distillation of their passions for sonic minimalism and sound design.” /// ☇ Purchase @ Houndstooth // @ Boomkat.

Δkkord “Navigate EP” // Houndstooth (HTH005) // Released 03 June 2013.

Femme En Fourrure :: 36-26-36

“Not much is known about the duo, other than that their homebase is in Finland. Sometimes they group is credited as just Juuso Malin, and sometimes it includes Bianca. Either way, they’ve released a few EPs of jittery electro house, and mixed a podcast for Convex Industries. This will be their first proper release for that imprint, and the label’s third full-length release after turns from Jon Convex and Wraetlic. The record sees them smooth out their sound a bit and try on different tempos—BPMs range from 100 all the way up to 130. It’s a stark and minimalist affair, with prominent and sexually-charged spoken word vocals.” /// ☇ Purchase @ Surus // @ Boomkat.

Femme En Fourrure “36-26-36″ // Convex Industries (CONVEXLP003) // Released 03 June 2013.