ASC – Secret Thirteen Mix 039 // October 2012

“Secret Thirteen Mix 039 is a kaleidoscopic musical collage which smoothly connects different styles of music, ranging from ambient, experimental to techno and authentic electronica. The compilation includes emotionally powerful audio material from such respectable musicians as 36, HTRK, Vatican Shadow, Anthony Rother, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, Ensemble Economique and others. This masterpiece uncovers author’s solid intelligence, perfection, mobility and spirituality.”

ASCSecret Thirteen Mix 039 – October 2012.

Daily 日常 by Ting Li

Animation by Ting Li: “A motion graphics about my hand drawings of daily life”.

-::[robot:mafia]::- podcast #06 // October 2012

Time for a new mix in the robot:mafia podcast series: Number six is mixed by myself this month.

Podcast Download

/ Cover Artwork by André Kunze /

“Guts Gust” Art Print by Charlie Immer

Print by Charlie Immer: 14″ x 14″. Giclee Print. Signed Limited Edition of 50. Costs $50.

/ Image © Charlie Immer // Print Available // via /


TimeLapse Showfest 2012 Official Selection // Shot & Cut by Rafael Asquith.
Soundtrack by Álvaro Rodriguez Barroso // Production: Pedro Pablo Figueroa.

Connan Mockasin | Faking Jazz Together

Directed by Fleur & Manu // Produced by DIVISION // Label: Phantasy.

/ via /

Beautiful Artworks by Dan Withey

Dan Withey ist ein Illustrator, der in Adelaide, Südaustralien arbeitet, nachdem er vor 6 Jahren aus England emigrierte. Seine Arbeiten wurden bereits vielfach in Magazinen veröffentlicht und seine Bilder werden regelmässig ausgestellt. Der Künstler arbeitet vorwiegend mit Acryl- und Sprühfarben auf Brettern. Ein schönes Portfolio seiner bisherigen Werke findest auf der Website des Malers.

// Artist Statement: In Dans work he deals with his own personal desire to seek freedom from globalization and all the negative aspects that come with it. He portrays this through the use of images of Native Americans and other people that the artist considers to represent true freedom. In his eyes they represent some thing important that we have lost in our modern day world, that has been replaced with fear, paranoia and greed. Dan hopes to help people cut the strings so to speak through his art work and illustrations.

/ Images © Dan Withey // via /

O (Omicron)

A permanent installation directed by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié.
Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland. Architecture by Max Berg (1913).

Visuals by Romain Tardy & Guillaume Cottet // Music by Thomas Vaquié.


Film by Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner.

The movie is based on the short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem from 1973. It tells about the first point of its “about man threefold” lecture as a reduced and simplified version while visually weaving this with GOLEM simulating human culture processes based on ideas and dynamics of freedom and curiosity, fear and security, abstraction and fiction, the lack of accessibility in face of unknowing and the need for generating meaning.

⚙ Ferris Wheel

/ Ferris Wheel (Vincenzo Frattarola) // Gif © Black & White Gifs /