Life With Herman H. Rott

Herman is a rat who lives alone in a messy apartment.

One day a very tidy cat shows up at his doorstep. With everything she owns.

Directed by Chintis Lundgren • Written by Chintis Lundgren & Draško Ivezić.

Music by various classical composers, Krlja, Polka Madre • Sound by Henrik Malmgren.

Medieval Rave: Drawings by Maria Menshikova

Maria Menshikova wurde 1993 geboren und ist eine Künstlerin aus Amsterdam, Niederlande.

Die hier abgebildeten Zeichnungen sind eine kleine Auswahl aus ihrer “Medieval Rave“-Serie.

// Drawings © Maria Menshikova //

The Power Of Privacy

Can privacy really still exist in a world where we are continuously connected to the internet?

Directed by Callum Cooper & animated by Matthias Hoegg.

Christine :: Atom From Heart

ChristineAtom From Heart” ★ Label: Mouton Noir Records ★ Released 17 February 2017 ★

“Atom From Heart”, the first Christine‘s Album.

Album on Blue Vinyl 12″ & on Compact Disc in a Digifile packaging.


Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons by beeple.

Music: Boards of Canada “Collapse”.

Gummy Bears In My Head

Gummy Bears in my Head: A VFX video by Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro.

Illustrations by Marly Gallardo

Marly Gallardo ist eine ecuadorianische Künstlerin mit Sitz in New York, USA. Sie liebt es, kreative Herausforderungen durch konzeptuell angetriebene Bilder und eine geschmackvolle Farbpalette zu bewältigen. In ihrer Freizeit zeichnet sie noch mehr und sucht oft nach ihrem Bleistift.

// Illustrations © Marly Gallardo //

Into The Bright Unknown

A short film in the form of a journey from the micro to the macrocosm.

Direction, cinematography, editing, vfx, color grading: Toros Köse.

Music: Cody Geil • Sound: Audionerve.

KOROstyle :: KOROkat

Video by Tuberose • Ending footage by KQIIX.

KOROstyle ‘Project : KOROkat’ LP • Out now on Section 8 Recordings.


The cloaked Yaldaboath looked upon this society of materialism which It dominated for millenia.

The slow and struggling process for evolution of human’s consciousness reflects in It’s eyes, while it took our Lush as It’s supper, yet the most delicious ones are those ambiguous faiths as always.

All these happened in a small temple of Land-God, which sits in a place of nowhere.

Now, may ashes to ashes, dust to dust.