Tebe Interesno // ABVH

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Tebe Interesno (Dmitry Maximov) //

Various Illustrations by Patrycja Podkościelny

Diese ausgewählten Arbeiten stammen von Patrycja Podkościelny, eine Illustratorin, Grafikerin und Typografie Lehrerin aus Gdynia, Polen. Viele weitere schöne Bilder, Skizzen und Typografien findest du im Portfolio auf der Website der Künstlerin.

// Illustrations © Patrycja Podkościelny //

STREAM – Explore The Unseen

STREAM by Roman De Giuli is one of the first evidences to show the beauty and colorfulness of fluids and particles in tiny areas, only have an inch wide and not visible to the naked eye. It’s all about the dramaturgy of emergence and fading, offering the viewer plenty of allegories and associations to let the mind float and travel.

The idea of STREAM was to stage the genesis of a tiny universe which only exists for a very short time on a glass plate and then dissolves into a messy stream of oil, ink and water. The universe itself needed to appear as a well-defined, glowing and shining phenomenon which reminds the viewer of a look through a telescope. The atmosphere full of stars, planets, clouds and fog emerges from huge colorful streams, forming balls and bubbles. Their surfaces reflect the background pattern, giving the objects a quite three-dimensional look and feel. The space expands more and more into the depth, until upcoming star bursts make the whole system collapse. The illusion decomposes to a dark splash of substances and disappears as fast as it came up.

AsDroid by Bryan Talkish

A space chase. The little guy. The underdog doing the unexpected.

An animation created by Bryan Talkish inspired by stark throwback arcade games & graphic novels • Sound Design by JM Cifonie.

With Blue

// Animated Image © dvdp //

The Helio Sequence :: Upward Mobility

Video animated & directed by Emanuele Kabu for The Helio Sequence out on Sub Pop Records.

Fears by Nata Metlukh

A Vancouver Film School graduation short film, 108 days of production by Nata Metlukh.

“The Epoch” Art Prints by Ash Thorp

⏚ Art Prints by Ash Thorp: 11″ x 14″ Giclee. Time-limited Edition. Costs $150. —————————————————————————————————————
// Images © Ash Thorp /// ☇ Art Prints Available @ EvilTender.com /// via //

The Hedgehog

THE HEDGEHOG is short drama that follows a lone boy, who dressed up as his favourite video game hero, searches for adventure in a deserted suburban landscape.

Written & Directed by Chris Lee & Paul Storrie.

FLORE by Kim Taylor

Visuals & Music: Kim Taylor.