Submerse :: Slow Waves

SubmerseSlow Waves” // Label: Project: Mooncircle // Released 25 July 2014.

Slow Waves is a collection of multi-layered memories, stacked like grainy polaroids in an old box in the closet or under the bed while the colours fade. A young Rob at the beach or on his first day of grammar school. Images of travels across Europe and Japan, moments slipping in trains or planes while landscapes pass by. Memories so unique to his life, yet so similar to the fading memories of youth and adolescence we all have…

After a series of well acclaimed EP’s, each of them created at very specific moments in the artists life, submerse took the time and sat down to reflect and convert all these memories into his first full length album on Project: Mooncircle.

Slow Waves’ comes out worldwide on limited double vinyl, limited handmade and handpainted cassette edition (both including download code) as well as a limited edition CD including a bonus track via flau records in Japan.”

Deep Frequency by Angélique Paultes

Graduation film for Emile Cohl, Lyon by Angélique Paultes • Music by Ondubground.

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Timber Timbre :: Beat The Drum Slowly // Chad Vangaalen

Animated by Chad Vangaalen.

Timber Timbre “Beat The Drum Slowly” taken from the new album “Hot Dreams“.

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Literary Word Count Infographic

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Lostodyssey :: Early Rise

LostodysseyEarly Rise” // Label: Morning Beast // Released 23 July 2014.

lostodyssey‘s debut release is a emotive journey into airy atmospheres that rock back in forth on a sinking ship of crispy percussion.

Hailing from from the island of Oahu and residing in Eugene, Oregon, James Williams produces a select brand of dreamy bedroom beats. Heavy on self-sampling, this multi-instrumentalist comes from a diverse background of both musical training and sound experimentation. His beats might not be played in the clubs, but they fill every void inside the lonely and create a soundscape for retrospective thoughts, goosebumps, and love-making.”

Levi van Veluw: The Collapse of Cohesion

The newest instalment in “The Collapse of Cohesion” is a series of short films, based on drawings. One of the drawings presents an image of an archive room, filled with large structures of cabinets containing more than 1500 neatly arranged icosahedrons. The whole arrangement is held in place by the very structure of the cabinets and the force of gravity, in a fundamental and continuous on-going struggle between the desire for order and the forces of nature. An unknown cause upsets this equilibrium and the cabinets are made to topple over. The symmetrical forms are no longer held in place, gravity takes over, order is turned into chaos.

In the film, the drawing has been replicated life-size in wood. All the visible surfaces are covered in carbon powder, and the setting acquires shape only through the reflection of the light. Reality becomes tangible only through the experience of lighter or darker hues, as in a drawing. The falling apart of the structure is filmed at over 1000 frames per second. After months of meticulous preparation, this is the only, and crucial, moment over which the artist has no control. In contrast to the drawing in which the moment of chaos remains an interpretation by the artist – and is therefore inexorably linked to him – the film makes it possible to relinquish all and every form of control. Unpredictability becomes a new factor in this work.

The time of the event is stretched; the moment measured in seconds becomes a minute-long occurrence and forms a new reality. Time, because of this massive slowing, seems to no longer affect the process of disruption. The icosahedrons float through the air, rotating, the glistening of the light that reflects on their 20 faces reveals their symmetry in its ultimate form. Entirely free, in search of a new order. With a great feeling of serenity, the viewer experiences how gravity gives these elements their new place.

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Illustrations by Gwen Keraval

Gwen Keraval ist ein französischer Illustrator, der Vintage-Farben und Design sehr gerne mag. Der Künstler arbeitet vor allem an Kinderbuch-Veröffentlichungen und Editorial Illustrationen für diverse französische Verlage. Außerdem erstellt er seine Arbeiten für Werbeaufträge und Spielzeugdesign.

// Illustrations © Gwen Keraval //

Sunnova :: Vermilion Eyes

Sunnova :: Vermilion Eyes // Broken Bubble // Rel. 21 July 2014 // Artwork: Ryohei Sasaki.

“Tokyo producer Sunnova arrives on Broken Bubble with an eclectic blend of digital soul, future garage, ambient, footwork and beats.”

Iconic Houses by Matteo Muci

A two-minute animated voyage through some of the most iconic masterpices of modern architecture: Ville Savoye by Le Corbusier, Rietveld Schröder House by Gerrit Rietveld, Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Glass House by Philip Johnson and Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Illustration, animation & music by Matteo Muci.

Graphic Design Illustrations by Ray Oranges

Diese ausgesprochen schönen, minimalen Grafikdesign Illustrationen stammen von Ray Oranges, der in einer kleinen Stadt am Meer in Kalabrien in Süditalien geboren wurde. Heute lebt und arbeitet der vielfach mit Preisen ausgezeichnete Künstler für seine Klienten in Florenz, Toskana.

// Illustrations © Ray Oranges //