In alchemy, the term chrysopoeia (Greek) means transmutation into gold.

The score was composed and played by Nikolai von Sallwitz, using real instruments and tools such as cello, bowed strings, prepared piano, guitar, flutes, filtered springs, woods and hardware FX such as analog distortion.

Directed & Produced by Susi Sie • Music & Sound Design: Nikolai von Sallwitz.


Epoch is an experimental film intended to take you on a voyage through our solar system and beyond. It is a personal project by Ash Thorp orchestrated to share our enjoyment and admiration for science fiction films and literature.

Illustrations by Michał Sawtyruk

Michał Sawtyruk ist ein digitaler Maler und Illustrator aus Warschau in Polen.

// Illustrations © Michał Sawtyruk //

Creatures Of The Deep: Alan Williams Metal Artist

Alan Williams: Creatures of the Deep offers an insight into the mind and work of the immensely talented Brighton sculptor Alan Williams, who turns scrap metal into amazing animal figures.

Looking into his dark influences and childhood, this biopic explores Alan’s practice, presenting the work of a true artist who holds “great talent, imagination and humility” • Directed by Ben Cox.

The Itching

The Itching is a 2016 clay animation film short, written and directed by Dianne Bellino and animated by Adam Davies.

The film follows a shy wolf who attends a dance party thrown by a group of hip, freewheeling bunnies. Though the wolf longs to connect with the exotic strangers, anxiety overwhelms her, and she descends into obsessive itching.

An intensely visceral film, warm-hearted and disturbing, The Itching investigates our primal longing for connection and reveals the vulnerability, anxiety, and ambivalence embedded there.

New Posters by Tomer Hanuka & João Ruas

⏚ Poster Art by Tomer Hanuka: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 35. Costs $65.
// Illustration © Tomer Hanuka /// ☇ Art Print @ Posters& //

⏚ Poster Art by João Ruas: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 42. Costs $50.
// Illustration © João Ruas /// ☇ Art Print @ Posters& //

✘ The poster artworks will be going on sale on Wednesday, January 11th at 2pm Central Time.

Anonymous Zone

A new country to skateboard and a film about it: Anonymous Zone, a clip directed by Kai Neville.

This time in Japan, and with great guides Rip Zinger and Arto Saari and skaters Ishod Wair, Peter Ramondetta, Raven Tershy and Kevin Terpening, it came out pretty rad.

“We dodged relentless security guards, got very lost in translation, went to three different cities on bullet trains and in vans and ripped across all the country, in all kinds of terrain.”

Illuminations (The New Year 2017 Free Compilation)

➲ Various Artists “Illuminations” ★ Label: Dronarivm ★ Released 07 January 2017 ★

“Against the snowfall, a tall Being of Beauty. Whistling of death and the circling of faint music make this adored body rise, expand and quiver like a spectre; wounds of scarlet and black burst from superb flesh. The colours proper to life deepen, dance and detach themselves around this Vision in the making. Shudders rise and groan and the frenetic flavour of these effects fills with that mortal whistling and raucous music that the world, far behind, hurls at our mother of beauty – she recoils, she rears. Oh, our bones are clothed with a new amorous body! Oh, the ashen face; the escutcheon of horsehair, the crystal arms! The cannon I must assault through the melee of trees and the weightless air!”

– Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations VI: Being Beauteous.

27 exclusive tracks • Cover art by Staszek Sokolowski.

“The Last Wave” Art Print by Kilian Eng

✘ The art print will be going on sale on Thursday, January 12th at 1pm Eastern Time.

⏚ Art Print by Kilian Eng: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 200. Costs $45.
// Illustration © Kilian Eng /// ☇ Art Print @ Grey Matter Art /// via //

Lady With A Hat

// Animated Image © Rafael Santiandreu /// Original Artwork © Thomas Danthony //