The Nightmare

A short film directly adapted from a comic by illustrator Jensine Eckwall.

Written & illustrated: Jensine Eckwall • Animation: Alex Krokus • Sound design: James Deangelis.


Resistance: Real-time 3D projection mapping.

Video by Pylik • Music by Sunchase aka Alexander Pavlenko.


An award winning animated film by Vlad Marsavin.

Sebastian is an 8-year old boy who lives with his grandmother in an ordinary house in an ordinary, monochrome world. But when Sebastian gets on the bike to go for a ride, the adventure into his imagination begins.

Michael Nau :: Love Survive

A lighthearted Summery track and a calm music video.

Director & Animator: Parallel Teeth • Music: Michael Nau.

“Love Survive” is taken from Michael Nau’s forthcoming album “Mowing”.


Waiter finished work, go out and get drunk.

A film created by Ryoji Yamada.

Ž by Natalia Stuyk

Created by Natalia Stuyk.

Enjoy Your Coffee


Design & Animation: Eli Guillou • Script & Voiceover: Sean Diaz.

“There are obviously negative side effects to coffee, but I wanted to focus on the benefits it has. I didn’t spend too much time hashing out facts for the piece. Instead, I focused on improving my sense of pace and rhythm in my animation. Sit yourself down, grab that cup of coffee, and enjoy.”


A film created by Mitchell Crawford.

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One Day: Animated Illustrations by Xin Sun

// Illustrations © Xin Sun //

More Illustrations by Alice Wellinger

Hier eine kleine Auswahl aktueller Bilder der österreichischen Künstlerin Alice Wellinger.

Ihre Bilder sind sowohl surreal als auch ironisch und befassen sich mit Problemen des täglichen Lebens und Kindheitserinnerungen. Alice Wellinger lebt mit ihrer Familie in Lustenau, Österreich und erhielt bereits mehrfach Auszeichnungen für ihre Arbeiten.

// Illustrations © Alice Wellinger //