Plena Stellarum

Neon ghosts dreaming in dead landscapes.

Written, designed, animated & directed by Matthew Wade.


We follow a boy growing up.

A film created by Brian Kim • Music by Jimmy Lee.

Afternoon Class

He’s trying to stay awake in an afternoon classes.

Graduation film by Seoro Oh.

What’s Better Than Diapo Night…

// Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?

Kurzgesagt – a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.


A girl battles her OCD as she tries to leave her apartment to join her friends at a party.

Directed & animated by Hannah Gibbs.

Music composed & arranged by Elsa Lund, Rachel Iba & Gina Kodel.


Created by Rosalie Benevello • Sound: Nadège Feyrit, Julien Baissat & Lucas Bellomo.

Mark Lotterman :: Happy

As a metaphor for the search of the meaning of the word “happy”, an immense group of geese dances desperately in synchronized choreography. Starting out as an undefined organism, and slowly zooming out as the song proceeds, the geese turn out to be part of different cults. Each cult portraying an emotion that cannot be withheld individually, but that’s all the more shown in the meticulous urge for group behavior.

A video about the search for ones own identity through seemingly virtuous self-expression on the one side and the undeniable drowning into the masses on the other.

Directed by Alice Saey • Song by Mark Lotterman.

World War II: Timeline Featurette (Part 1)

Highlighting the events of the greatest unfortunate disaster in the history of mankind.

This video was created by Abhinav Nikam for entertainment purposes only and not as an educational reference. Originally intended for an informative tablet app, later revived as a featurette.

LA CHICA :: Be Able

Best Special Stuff Award for the International Music Video Underground.

Directed by Ma-Ké • Produced by TEMPLE CACHÉ • Music: LA CHICA.