Organic Chemistry

Music video “Tryptokos”.

Tryptokos is an experimental collaboration work, in which Japanese animation artist Kaoru Furuko has interpreted and visualised the music of Swedish music producer Nimway into an animated video by combining several different animation techniques.

An audiovisual trip through the mechanisms of an unexplored organic world.

Direction & Animation: Kaoru Furuko.

Materials: Custom-made kaleidoscope, brown sugar, lentils, clay, Slovak bobbin lace, drawing on washi paper, leafs and flower collected from Slovakia, color ink, oil, water, Indian glitter, transparent paper, acrylic, cotton, crayon, oil on canvas, plastic bag from Slovak local grocery store, liquid dish soap

Technique: Stop motion, drawing animation, painting on glass, cut-out animation, animated with oil on canvas, animation in kaleidoscope.

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