Ordos by Charles Lanceplaine

“Built for 1 million people and currently inhabited by just a few thousand. It’s been called the Dubai of northern China, showered with wealth, packed with public infrastructure and located near to precious natural resources in a region plagued by water-supply troubles.

Ordos is a ghost town located in Inner Mongolia. Seeing the potential of this city in terms of spots we decided to organize a skate trip and be the first ones to skate such a surreal place.”

Directed, filmed & edited by Charles Lanceplaine // Music: You Me by Hamacide & Chacha.

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  1. ordos…

    skaten in einer geisterstadt? in ordos ist das kein problem. zwar ist diese monoglische stadt, nicht wirklich eine geisterstadt aber von den geplanten hunderttausend einwohnern leben nur wenige tausende tatsächlich da. charles lanceplaine hat ein paar …

  2. Ordos-a city built for a million, inhabited by a few thousand. http://t.co/XkZI7cSm #ghosttown #skateboard #devour

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