Odd Shapes :: Intense Appreciation

Odd Shapes Intense Appreciation” // Dark Clover Records // Released 14 February 2014.

“Danish producer Asger Brunn Hansen’s second EP with Origami Sound’s moody imprint, Dark Clover – Intense Appreciation – is a collection of free-flowing, radiant aural constructions filled with daytime reverie and piercing tenderness. Obviously the work of precise hands, these 6 electronic poems combine exciting textures, some soft echoes, some harpsichord & cocktail clinks, some Nordic (older) Burial-tinged soundscapes, pieces of broken glass scattered on the ground and an everpresent magnetic fuzz that creates emotional timewarps.

The shape on the cover of the EP is not exactly odd, since it’s the kanji for ‘big, large’ seen from a few different perspectives, but Asger adds an extra connotation to it, telling us that this music is about observing the various daily phenomena around us – common sensations that surprise us through their shapeshifting nature, all of them tributary to the quiet contemplation of ordinary life.

A monotonous yet very lush search though 5 different instances of alone-time, all lived in one day, all to culminate with She Is Here, when tension loosens and the sweet relief that signals the end of loneliness finally kicks in. Regardless of your mood or how comfortably you’re seated, you’ll find this a good place to get lost in intense appreciation.”

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