In a totalitarian propaganda world ruled from above, a girl can be all it takes to spark off a revolution and challenge the MOTHERLAND.

The narrative and imagery of MOTHERLAND is based on stereotypic characters and motives that are abundant in propaganda art of the 1920s & 1930s: The innocent child in need of protection by the heroic soldier, the benevolent ruler and the patriotic worker. They all live and serve for the nuturing mother state. In MOTHERLAND this original meaning has been turned on its head to reveal an underlying, terrifying truth behind the propaganda.

Nominated at the Visual Effects Society awards for “Outstanding VFX in a student production”. MOTHERLAND is a diploma project produced at The Institute of Animation.

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg // Directed by Hannes Appell.

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  1. motherland…

    ist ein kurzfilm von hannes appell der auf die propaganda-filme aus den 20er und 30er basiert. “motherland” entstand als diplomarbeit an der filmakademie baden-württemberg. MOTHERLAND | Mutterland from Hannes Appell on Vimeo. via robotmafia…

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