:: Morning Beast Compilation 001

Morning BeastCompilation 001” // Morning Beast // Released 01 August 2013.

A charitable Compilation to Organic Consumers Association as a part of being Millions Against Monsanto.

// Music Is Our Tool

We have entered an age where things are moving quickly. Our demands and life-styles have changed immensely. Some of us have forgotten our ties to the planet and strive for personal gain without thought for the consequences.

In a world controlled by the power of money, it’s hard to make a difference. What can we do to raise awareness in this world? What is our weapon? No, not weapon. Weapons lead to more destruction and misery the question is what is our tool?

Here at Morning Beast, music is the tool we use to fix what is broken. That’s why we have started a compilation series dedicated to this repair. Artists from around the world are raising awareness and trying to make a difference.

Right now, biotech giant Monsanto is ruining our food and our planet. Their genetically-modified products cause countless health problems. Our organic crops suffer, our soil suffers, our insects suffer, our animals suffer, and our planet suffers. The Morning Beast Compilation 001 will be donating 50% of its proceeds to stop these giants.

The Beast has awoken.

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