Moriendo // A Short Animation by Andrey Pratama

Moriendo is an animated short created by Andrey Pratama and took 4 months to be done. The story itself is inspired by a story titled “Sebuah Pagi dan Seorang Lelaki Mati” (A Morning Star and A Dead Man) by Noviana Kusumawardhani – A Balinese writer.

The film centers around a lady who awaits death while she lingers on her unknown dearest to come home. One morning the lady meets a gaffer, who promises her that he would reap her soul once she allows him to. Thus she begins to make peace with her sorrowful memories that time can not erase. Directed by Andrey Pratama // Music by Patrick Rundbladh.

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  1. moriendo…

    ist ein kurzfilm von andrey pratama. in diesem film geht es um eine frau, die einem  etwas seltsam wirkenden herrn begegnet. ich persönlich denke ja das der alte mann der tod ist, bin mir aber unsicher mit meiner interpretation. was denkt ihr? MORIENDO…

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