:: Mimm Exploration Compilation

➲ Mimm Exploration CompilationMimm ★ Released 19 December 2014 ★

Mimm have drawn from their talented international collective with fresh dubplates from the likes of in-house producers Congi, Philippe Edison, Metske, Saulya, Warren Xclnce, Mos Isley, Pete Beardsworth, H725, Bruises and Melo Zed. As well as having a few select cuts from internationally acclaimed producers who have graced their events over the past years from Lone (R&S), Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge), Quest (Deep Medi), Flako, Submerse (Project Mooncircle) and Kaelin Ellis (Florida).

It’s an eclectic and brave offering with a general sound that leans heavily on ambient and psychedelic hip hop and house, drenched in warm analogue colours, nostalgic samples and soulful melodies, all the while with a keen awareness of more subtle classical compositions. Throughout there’s a distinct flavour of smoked whiskey-bar jazz riffs grounded in a gritty UK, bass-heavy setting and as musical round-ups go, for Mimm, this is definitely a coming of age compilation.”

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