mcenroe :: Burnt Orange

mcenroeBurnt Orange” // Peanuts & Corn Records // Released 20 August 2014.

This record is the long overdue followup to disenfranchised, which came out like 10 years ago. That is ridiculous, isn’t it?

The record is about the collapse and rebirth of civilization. Its nice and light.

I wrote it from 2010 – 2013, then played with the beats for a while, then did nothing in particular, then mastered it, then didn’t put it out for another while, and then BAM here it is.

This record is not about me at all, isn’t that neat?”

// Jeff Spec is on it. Noah23 is on it. Yy is on it.

Sarah Michaelson sings on several tracks – Petroleum Soda / Burnt Orange / Futura Bold / The Art of the State. Thanks Sarah!

Everything else was done by mcenroe aka Rod Bailey.

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