Masaya Ozaki :: Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes

Masaya OzakiFluid And Dreaming Of Stripes” ★ Eilean Rec. ★ Rel. 02 February 2015 ★

Masaya Ozaki is a film composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Niigata, Japan. His works are focused on the small moments, the subtleties of change, the essence of the fleeting moments. He composes in a wide range of musical genres, from classical to avant-garde, from organic and natural sounds to electronic music from full range orchestral music to singular haunting melodies. With “Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes” on Eilean Rec. he presents his first complete album.

Written, formed & mixed by Masaya Ozaki in Brooklyn (NY) between April 2013 & February 2014.

Sounds: tape loops, reel to reel tapes, piano, sine waves, synthesizer, guitar, Ukelele, pedals & field recordings • Artwork: Peter Nejedly.

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