Malou Mørkeberg :: Artificial

Malou MørkebergArtificial” // Label: Broken Bubble // Released 17 March 2014.

Malou Mørkeberg is a new name to the electronic scene, bringing with her an introspective, chaotic universe and music that strives to break free from the frames of routine.

Artificial is a attempt to find a freedom from a naive approach to music, rebelling against the conventional frameworks of the structure and creation of music.

“I realized that I had a tendency to use the same methods and recipes in my music. I was conscious of the unconscious… I had ended up in a frame of musical routines. Therefore, I sought to get back to the unaffected aspect of myself” says Malou.

“The title of the EP “Artificial” is a response to the over -produced and commercially-driven music industry, which today sets the creative agenda for the artist. The music has become forgettable and it’s dissemination has gotten out of hand. The artist is left with an artificial interpretation of themselves through the music – only with an eye to sell and be endorsed by the music industry.”

Malou mixes organic sounds together with the synthetic, creating a world where the listener is moving within both real and unreal dimensions, often featuring vocal collages of a surprising, absurd or humorous nature.

“The music is inspired by nothing. It is honest and not pre-meditated. My desire is to reinvent my artistic expression – to free myself from the limits and routines that I felt blocked my creativity”

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