Leaving Home by Daniel Egnéus & Mario Greco

The creative encounter between the illustrator Daniel Egnéus and the director Mario Greco, with the collaboration of the musician Stefano Brandoni, gave birth to the “Leaving home” video project. It begins with a surreal, ethereal, at times hypnotic incipit where a city is born, grows and transforms itself taking the viewer into a catastrophic and claustrophobic world.

The city crumbles under the fall of crazy meteorites that spare no one. The initial rarefied atmosphere is soon replaced by overwhelming color games, and it almost seems that the audiovisual work of the three artists does not contemplate the chance of salvation. Everything changes in the end though, where there is a visual magic of peace and wonder. Feelings of loneliness and melancholy can be perceived, but not of sadness.

The poignant drawings fly over the delicate notes, and the attentive direction of Greco reminds us that although we are far from home and from our “own world”, we are still somehow connected to the universe we come from.

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