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krakaurkrakaur” ★ Label: Youngbloods ★ Released 30 September 2016 ★

Producing under the guise of his last name, krakaur‘s reserved demeanor echoes a solace in solitude and self-reflection that, over the years, has infused a sincere quality of thoughtfulness in his rapidly growing body of work. With an inclination towards experimentation, collaboration, and social transition, his self-titled debut full-length album, “krakaur”, is both a humble declaration of artistic identification and one of stylistic discovery.

Written & mixed by Dan Krakaur • Cover art by Dan Krakaur •  Design by Nicholas Concklin.

Limited edition dark sapphire blue cassette with metallic silver imprint, shrink-wrapped with a clear case featuring the full color custom watercolor artwork by krakaur.

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