Kate Carr :: Fabulations

Kate CarrFabulations” ★ Soft Recordings ★ Released 25 December 2014 ★

“A soundtrack for made up stories set in out of the way places.

Fabulations‘ continues exploring our planet and society by trapping sound particles in various countries (Kate Carr is an insatiable globetrotter, and sounds were recorded in : Marseille, Nice, Cefalu, Catania, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dungun and Barcelona) with the occasional accompaniment of atmospheric instrumental layers. It is this finely sculpted subtle blend, this goldsmith’s manipulation of sound that Kate the traveler offers us, with the final masterisation by ‘Taylor Deupree’ making this new album timeless, fragile, warm and ultimately essential.”

CD Artworks & photos : David Teboul & Kate Carr //

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