James Reindeer :: ستة ستة سبعة

James Reindeerستة ستة سبعة” // Mism Records // Rel. 09 Dec. 2013 // Art: J.Reindeer

finally, might we take this moment to present the first official full-length, self-produced solo release from jamesreindeer. entitled ‘six six seven’ and taking us on a darkly-psychedelic journey into distant lands across almost forty minutes of arabian-influenced free-jazz doom-rap.

conceived at the birth of the throne burner project at the dawn of summer 2012, in planning through the long winter and spring, and finally created during the six hottest weeks of the summer since passed, this release dispays some of the most intriguing works yet produced by jamesreindeer.

spanning six epic songs and featuring musical guest spots from both the extended throne burner and iron filings and sellotape families, the release is awash with doomy rhythms, screeching horns, hypnotic basslines and deeply-atmospheric field recordings, not to mention the unmatchable vocal darts of jamesreindeer himself.

available as a beautifully hand-crafted and highly limited edition cassette tape via long-time jamesreindeer associates mism records, as well as for digital download, this is surely an essential release for those ready to explore yet darker realms of hypnotic audio majicks.

all songs manipulated, composited and arranged by j. reindeer.

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