Insa x Stanley Donwood x Atoms For Peace GIF-ITTI

Die hier abgebildeten Gif-ittis sind die erstaunliche Zusammenarbeit zwischen den beiden Künstlern Insa und Stanley Donwood!

XL Records feiert die Veröffentlichung des mit Spannung erwarteten Debüt-Albums von Thom Yorke`s neuer Band ‘Atoms For Peace’ und beauftragte Insa damit, ein GIF-ITI Stück mit Stanley Donwoods Coverartwork über das gesamte Bürogebäude der Plattenfirma in Los Angeles zu gestalten. Wie auch bereits seine vorherigen Arbeiten, sind die neuen animierten GIF-ITTI Bilder erneut einzigartig geworden.

“Los Angeles is, of course, fucked. Everything is fucked, all of our cities, all of our towns, our villages, our farms, our entire way of living. and I don’t mean fucked in a good way, oh no; I mean it in a very, very bad way. our energy rich and culturally complacent society has doomed everything, and really, we all know this. Or at least, we should do. We have run out of everything, pissed it up against the wall, blown it, spent it, wasted it. We’ve run out of money, of oil, of gasoline, of water, of food, of any resources, of energy, of everything. We are reduced to trying to blast pathetic amounts of gas from solid rock and we don’t care if we poison our water while we’re doing it. The apocalypse is already here, and the saddest thing is that we’re trying to fool ourselves that it isn’t happening. Our politicians are fucking idiots, our heroes are fools, our industries are dying, our farmland is trashed and our culture resembles nothing more than a self-devouring joke. Our architecture is hideous and our art revels in empty platitudes. There is no future; we have evicted ourselves from our own cities, rendered our agriculture poisonous, criminalised the poor, aggrandized the rich, honoured the stupid and ridiculed the intelligent. I don’t pretend to stand outside this fucking mess. I’m just as guilty as anyone.” – Stanley Donwood.

/ Animated Images © Insa // More Insa Artworks @ -::[robot:mafia]::- here & here // via /

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