Graffiti Haven Faces Closure

One of the largest places in the world for legal graffiti may be knocked down in the next few years.

Spray paint coats the walls and wraps around every rooftop structure on the 90-year-old industrial building now known as 5 Pointz. On Jackson Ave in Long Island City, NY, graffiti artists spray, usually with European spray paint, over other graffiti, and then have their graffiti sprayed over. Spray paint and the scent of garbage mask the air.

It’s an ever-changing collage of graffiti within a city transformed by business development. Developers want to raise two apartments reaching close to 40 stories high. They formally submitted plans to the New York City Department of City Planning at the end of March, which means they will need to demolish 5 Pointz in the future. Find out more by clicking this link.

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