Five Monkeys by Michael Basilico

“A simple, yet colorful, metaphor crafted to remind ourselves to question why we perform certain behaviors. As far as I learned this was not a literal experiment, just a fiction used in a business setting to provoke thought. The original source, history, and author seemed to have disappear into the vastness of the internet, but I would like to give them credit. Hopefully this does their idea justice and they don’t sue me.”

Drawn/Animated/Composited/Colored: Michael Basilico // Narrator: Arthur Shink // Monkey: Kyle Hoffman // Music: Stock Elevator Music.


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  1. five monkeys…

    ist eine animation von michael basilico. interessant ist, dass ich vor kurzem erst ein artikel über das animierte experiment gelesen habe. Five Monkeys from Michael Basilico on Vimeo. via robotmafia……

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