Dub Phizix :: MixMag MOTW // October 2011

Having launched way back in 1982, Mixmag is the world’s leading dance music magazine and has become the most trusted voice in dance music. MIX OF THE WEEK: our cutting edge weekly mix from the world’s best DJs.

“Dub Phizix makes and plays the most cutting edge drum ‘n’ bass around. His release ‘The Editor’ ft. Strategy was released on Marcus Intalex’s legendary Soul:r label and you should also look out for ‘Break It’ / ‘Four’ with Skeptical on Modulations, ‘Enemy’ / ‘Silo’ with Skeptical on Dispatch and the ‘Out There’ EP on Ingredients. In his own words, his sound is “Deep. Dark. Grooveclaart.” Enjoy the mix.”

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