Dominik Eulberg :: Die Blaue Sekunde

This music video has been inspired by the cover of Dominik Eulberg’s forthcoming “Ein Stueckchen Urstoff” release – a microscopic image of crystallised vitamin B6. Some things are not what they seem. And some things look different from up close.

Flamboyant goo exploding in viscous matter. Cells, macrobiotic life, lava lamps…

The textures in this video are based on the ”Bubblesheet” photographs by Matthias Lindner which depict colourful LED lights reflected by thin sheets of industrial Aluminium. These sheets are an industry by-product, distorted by heat from being used as a separation material between layers of blazingly hot Aluminium panels.

“Die Blaue Sekunde” by Dominik Eulberg // Idea & concept: Diane Karner & Roland Lindner.
Direction & production: Roland Lindner // “Bubblesheet” photograps by Matthias Lindner.

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