Death Trap :: Taste Of Future

“Perspectives as a reflection of sustained production of natural things. The anatomy of the world, the development and the future in a seemingly self-running organism.”

Directed by Boris Dörning // Taste Of Future – Music by Death Trap.

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  1. Jörn says:

    hi markus,

    amazing video and music, thanks!



  2. Markus says:

    Hey Robotmafia Team,

    thank you for the nice feature!!!

    Greetings from Cologne


  3. […] Verantwortlich für die Videoprodultion ist Boris Döring.Death Trap – Taste Of Futurevia robotmafiaTeilen:No related posts.Kategorie: HörenÜber ChrisStudent, Blogger und Webnomade aus Dresden. […]

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