DayKoda :: Sleeping Awake

DayKodaSleeping Awake” ★ Label: Insight Music ★ Released 11 July 2016 ★

DayKoda was born by the wish to express willing, words and emotions through the introspective world of electronic music. Dark textures, downtempo, acid jazz and lo-fi strongly influenced by hip hop and “Beat Music”: this is DayKoda, solo project created by 20 year old Andrea Gamba, which is built upon layers of field recordings, acoustic stratification, arp sounds, shaker and loop grooves.

In DayKoda’s music you can find the desire to develop music with colours and special sounds, giving it a very personal, emotive form which brings listeners in a continuous emotional growing, moving on to another, possible, futuristic world.

Artwork by Alice Rose Radford.

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