Cosmic Compositions Compilation :: The Way Out

➲ Various Artists “The Way Out” ★ Label: Cosmic Compositions ★ Released 04 Oct. 2015 ★

“Proud to present to you ‘THE WAY OUT‘ a lil 16 track compilation we put together showcasing a range of psychedelic, punk, surf rock & krautrock inspired tunes from around the globe..

This is our first release outside of the beat/hip hop stratosphere and definetely not our last. The compilation features tracks from alot of our close friends and family including Ashes Holland., Christoph El’ Truento, Trance Farmers 愛, Jitwam, BOZO [ECHO OHs], Pacific Yew, Lapis, Affsid Kidjhagiffy, Mr Amish, SEENMR, P.H.F & more…. Enjoy… It’s Free…”

Artwork by Jordan Cuthers Clark //

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