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Stage Visuals: Animated Loop Patterns

Animated Loop Patterns designed & animated by Soumato.

不眠症 (Sleepless)

A short compilation created by Nahuel Salcedo.


All visuals created in camera by Kevin McGloughlin • Music: Christophe Capewell.


A motion poem about loss and disassociation.

Designed, animated & written by Nataly Menjivar.

Read by Kailey Stephen-Lane • Music by William Basinski, Watermusic II.


A small piece of a world where people sell body parts and get weird. Floating bones and stiff drinks.

Created by CJ Cook.


Created by Ning Cheng.

Sight Series

Edited collection of animations from David Brodeur`s Sight Series.

Hugo In The Garden

“Hugo in the Garden” is a multi-collaborative project directed by Six N. Five & Twistedpoly.

Design & Art Direction by Six N. Five • 2D sketches by Eze Matteo.

Animation & edit by Twistedpoly • Music & Sound Design by John Black.


Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons by beeple.

Music: Boards of Canada “Collapse”.

Gummy Bears In My Head

Gummy Bears in my Head: A VFX video by Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro.