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MusicBox by Mike Roush.

For 5 second day at Titmouse inc. Animation: Mike Roush. Music: Justin Ridge.

Motion Graphics: Solar & Black Liquid

|Solar by Ben Reubold|

|Black Liquid by Zak-Fx|

Building Toss

Ein Bär, eine Katze und ein Zyklop auf einem Dach werfen sich gegenseitig um. Klingt wie der Beginn zu einem lausigen Witz, ist aber der Inhalt einer lautlosen Cartoon-Schleife. Einer von dreien. Von Jared D. Weiss. Ich finde es Klasse!

Building Toss

Trip Nip, Sit.

Weight Walk

Entering The Stronghold & White

Entering The Stronghold by Matthias Müller.

White by Christoph Strohfeld.

Redthing & Collapse



A short film made in the dying days of december as the moist earth carries rivers of muddy water through innumerable mini waterways to the sea.



Christmas Trees

Carol Singers

Ants In My Scanner

Zwei kurze Videoschnipsel, die mir sehr gefallen:

Ants In My Scanner

Flight Patterns

“Long exposures of bugs under a street light.”


If you dont take it your self,It will never get there on its own. Directed by Tony Zagoraios.

Donate your old toys to those children who need them more.

Cybr Train

Directed by Nick Luchkiv.

BK01A Robot Animation

“K01A was created as an exercise in rigging, animation, tracking, and compositing. The goal was to wrap as many different exercises into the project as I could in the time that was given.”