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The search for the picturesque component in digital animation.

Animation & Music: Dirk Koy.

A Dream Within A Dream

A short experiment cinemagraph movie about dreams.

It often takes decades or hundreds of years for an astronaut to explore a planet outside of solar system. To last long enough, astronauts usually have to go through low-temperature hibernation in order to wake up alive hundreds of years later.

Directed & animated by RedCloud Studio.

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“Some parasitic nematodes have an endosymbiosic relationship with the bacteria Wolbachia. Here, we reconstruct this symbiotic relationship and break it down, finding ourselves at the model’s writhing core.”

Network Reconstruction Of Nematode Symbionts by Peter Burr & Alexandra Grote.

Geometry Of Artificial Intelligence

Created by Serjan Burlak.


Film by Diego Diapolo.

Still Life

“Any good that has to do something whit your life has a story of you inside of it , maybe a short memory.”

A film by Mehdi Shiri.


MA(D)CHINES live out there and interact with our environment in the most unexpected way. Because what’s more rational than a helicopter-mixer trying to rescue people from a cup of tea, right in the middle of Antarctic?

Direction: Tony Zagoraios • Production: YELL.

3D Animation: Thanos Kagkalos, Ilias Chalkiopoulos, Kostis Anagnostakis.


Fight your fears.

Created by Denis B. & Maxim K. • Sound Design by Pokazeev.

NYC Textures

An experimental journey through New York City with over a thousand still photographs of its unique textures.

Ambient sounds were recorded on location.

Directed & animated by Ynon Lan.

hello world (2017/2010)

“Bridging chaos and cosmos, hello world delves into the fluctuant notion of boundaries that lie in life and death, gender, feelings, materials and so forth. Inside each of those various components, elements cross the boundaries to replace, corrode and combine with each other over the course of time.”

Created by Kazumasa Teshigawara.