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Am I A Replicant ?

A computer questions its origins by analyzing the film Blade Runner.

Created by Benjamin Bardou.


An experimental take on computer thoughts.

Created by Rafael Ramirez.


A photographer and her brother focus on the real and the perceived in a film about the nature of memory, reality, and perception.

Animator/Director/Writer: Robert Duncan • Composer: Rupert Uzzell

Sound Designer: Neil McCarroll • Title Design: Heather Davidson.


Created by James Owen.

Audio by Echolab.

Hugo In The Garden

“Hugo in the Garden” is a multi-collaborative project directed by Six N. Five & Twistedpoly.

Design & Art Direction by Six N. Five • 2D sketches by Eze Matteo.

Animation & edit by Twistedpoly • Music & Sound Design by John Black.


Glycol decomposes in contact with the air in about ten days, in water or soil in just a couple of weeks. Plastic spaces and living things are made of it, habitating in an artificial world created by humans, a world of perpetual motion and random algorithms. It is aesthetic, mathematical and physical. Glycol is an experiment created by Diego Diapolo to communicate with you.