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Short experimental film directed by Nathan Almeras.

Music: Lorn “All corrupt Everything”.


In a strange laboratory, the machine starts itself.

Despite limitations, life awakens with the unexpected.

Animated short film written & directed by Marc Hericher.


Iridescent waves, geometrical gardens, and spiraling sand dunes found in the landscapes of a crystal’s microscopic structure.

Created by Maria Ferreira.


Adam – a collaboration between artist Emma Allen and neuroscientist Daisy Thompson-Lake.

This piece is an animated portrait illustrating some of the underlying neurological processes and emotions associated with depression.

Created with face paint and stop-motion animation.

Written, Directed & Animated by Emma Allen.


An open window becomes an invitation to look inside—but who is watching? In the digital world, our private lives are being shared with others, and it’s not always being shared voluntarily.

Windows provide a metaphor for the screens we use to observe others.

Created by Jason Allen Lee.

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Roads, Rivers, Cities.
Arteries, Veins, Neurons.

This film by Maria Ferreira features imagery obtained through Google Street View from seemingly infinite one point perspective roads from all around the world and digitally manipulated satellite photographs found through Google Earth and the United States Geological Survey Database.

A Narrative Film

The most narrative narrative never narrated. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end…. It is at once both a three-act assault on the conceit of the traditional narrative, and also perhaps, a futile attempt to escape the narrative impulse of cinema.

A film by Michael Edwards.

Playing In The Shadows

A short CG film featuring the Palissade collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Following the collection throughout a day inside an imaginary space as they are brought to life by light and shadow.

A film by Dan Hoopert • Music & sound design by Hector Ruiz.

Films To Break Projectors

‘Films to Break Projectors’ glues, scrapes and splices 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film to create unprojectable celluloid collages. Reanimating the material reveals the colour music within and traces of ambiguous narratives that emerge from the complex loops.

Image: iloobia • Sound: iloobia / dissolving path.


The search for the picturesque component in digital animation.

Animation & Music: Dirk Koy.