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Drawing Inspiration

“A wino, resigned and stuck in his ways, finds mysterious sketches on the park bench that he visits every day. As these pictures stir his thoughts, he begins to notice the world around him and to reflect upon his own place within it. He meets a young boy whose innocent encouragement helps to release him from his self destructive social withdrawal and unlocks a part of his character that had been long forgotten.”

I Love Sarah Jane

A bunch of teenagers in a ghost town, full of death and desolation, where adults have turned into zombies. Among them, stands Jimbo, madly in love with Sarah Jane. Directed by Spencer Susser, who also co-wrote the script with Australian author/director David Michod, this film has been selected in major festivals across the world (among which Sundance ’08) and won 4 prizes so far.

Mighty Antlers

A man drives his car furiously down a narrow road, surrounded by a vast forest. When he encounters a deer in the middle of the road he makes a villainous attempt to ram it. However this particular hit and run has jaw crushing, battering consequences.

Klasse Animations-Kurzfilm von The Animation Workshop für das Bachelor Film Project 2011.

How Are You? Everything Is OK…

A girl calls her mother. They’re talking about…the weather and stuff. Shortfilm by Moritz Oberholzer.

The Backwater Gospel

Toll gemachter Western-Style-Animationsfilm von Bo Mathorne.

Eye Of The Storm

Schön gemachter, 5-minütiger Kurzfilm von Chris Alender mit Musik von Lovett.

The War Of The Worlds

Ein Augenschmaus mit Zeitraffer Aufnahmen, dazu werden Radiodurchsagen aus dem “The War of the Worlds”-Hörspiel abgespielt und laßen die Szenerie unwirklich, bedrohlich erscheinen. Man merkt das hier viel Arbeit dahinter steckt, toll gemacht!

Beyond Black Mesa

Beyond Black Mesa ist ein durch die Half-Life Videospiel-Serie inspirierter Independent Fan Film. Ein actiongeladener Kurzfilm um Adrian Shephard und einige Widerstandskämpfer, die versuchen, vor der bevorstehenden Invasion zu warnen. Dieser Film ist nicht Halflife, Halflife2 oder Opposing Forces: Es ist ein kurzer Fan Film, der in der Half-Life Welt spielt.


A tragic robot love story.

Cat Out

Cat Out // Directed by: Germán Cuervo.