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Last Minutes with ODEN

Thank You Jason Wood for allowing us this moment.

Oden’s struggle with cancer finally came to an end. May he rest in peace and his memory be eternal.

Directed/Edited: Eliot Rausch.

|Danke André|

Plastic Bag by Ramin Bahrani

Die monumentale Reise einer Plastiktasche auf der Suche nach der Frau, die sie vom Einkauf mit nach Hause gebracht hat. Der Text des schönen Kurzfilms wird gesprochen von Werner Herzog.

This short film by American director Ramin Bahrani traces the epic, existential journey of a plastic bag (voiced by Werner Herzog) searching for its lost maker, the woman who took it home from the store and eventually discarded it. Along the way, it encounters strange creatures, experiences love in the sky, grieves the loss of its beloved maker, and tries to grasp its purpose in the world.


An introspective look into the life of a cop on the trail of a killer.

| Starring Beak Wing and Peter Avveduti | Directed, Photographed and Edited by Bradley W. Ragland |

28 Seconds Later

Ein Zombie-Kurzfilm, der während der Dreharbeiten zu “28 Weeks Later” vom Kameramann Damien Joseph Wasylki gedreht wurde.

This is one of 5 films I made while working on the set of 28 Weeks Later. There are so many resources lying around on the film set that are often doing nothing. I decided to commandeer as much as I could and make some short films in the down time. This technique I called Surfing the Main Unit. In this film all the props, actors, guns and special effects are borrowed from the film…

Typo-Animation: Kapitaal

Award-winning Typo-Animation that gives you a clear impression of the enormous amount of visual stimuli that plague us every day. Due to the immense scale of the visual bombardment, the commercial effectiveness has become utterly dubious.

Please Say Something

A troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future.

Written, Directed & Produced by David OReilly, Sound design & Voice synthesis by David Kamp.

Sound design & Music by Bram Meindersma. Distributed by Future Shorts.

August by Matthias Hoegg

Unwanted visitors disturb the tranquility of a campsite at the height of summer. While mayhem breaks out on the lawn, a group of ants makes brave new discoveries in the grass.

In the official selection of Anima Brussels ’10 (Special Mention in International Student Competition), Encounters ’09, Holland Animation Festival ’09, DOK Leipzig ’09, ITFS Stuttgart ’10, Monstra Lisbon ’10 and many more. Produced at the Royal College of Art, London 2009.

Animated Short: LUMI

Lumi discovers his world for the first time. He looks up the sky and gets touched by the stars.

Then, everything goes dark and suddenly appears GriGro, a strange being that grows out of control in the absence of light.

| by TMK3D | via seitvertreib |

Old Fangs

| by Adrien Merigeau |

Animated Short: Alma

Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas | Produced by Cecile Hokes | Music: Mastretta