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Can’t You See Me?

Short film by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. Music: “K/half noise” by Mùm.

Shadow Of A Doubt

An absent minded mugger commits a crime. Hysteria ensues; evidence is left behind and the body is moved. How many trips to the crime scene must the mugger make to get it right?

© 2011 Eric Chou & Russell Miller. Music by Erez Koskas.

Umbrella by Philip Vose

Inspired by the dark things that suck in life, this is a story about a little girl taking a leap of faith in hopes of escaping the sad situations in her polluted environment for something far better…with the aid of an orange umbrella of course.

Silent Moon

Playing With Light: Mon Ami Le Robot

Short directed at Cube Creative during summer 2010 by Gobelins students Louis Thomas, Theo Guignard and Benjamin Moreau. Music and sound: Adrien Casalis.

Meltdown by Dave Green

Last night’s leftovers battle for their lives.

Directed by Dave Green.

Travelers With Short Legs

“It tells the story of a traveller who, moving away from a troubled relationship, decides to go on a journey in search of new stories and change. But he could never imagine what would happen: finding a new friend, a smell pet with which to continue his journey and his life. Halfway through their journey, they cross paths with Deceit shaped into a monster, who tries to wrap over the traveller again. As it happens with every adventure, it ends with a happy ending.”

Directed by Leo Campasso.

Hollow: When The Evening Sun Goes Down

When the evening sun goes down. You will find me. Hanging round.

Directed by Oliver Franklin Anderson.


You may like having a good lunch in a quiet place as a park… But what if your lunch doesn’t?

In the street everyone can hear you scream, but honestly who cares?

Severed Dreams

What happens when your childhood dreams and imaginary friends never die?

Written & Directed by Ian Bucknole.