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Highspeed footage of flying paint.

Cat Out

Cat Out // Directed by: Germán Cuervo.

Weltweiter Flugverkehr an einem Tag im Zeitraffer

In diesem Video sieht man den gesamten Flugverkehr eines Tages auf der Welt timelapse`d.

Independent Shortfilm: Ghost

“Ghost” is a independent shortfilm finished January 2011, shot in Viborg. Containing a simple story with a strong visual universe, using mostly atmosphere and moods. Avoiding dialogue and story telling rules, the film played around with the structure and tried to make the outer world reflect the inner feelings of the characters. This little ekspressive and experimental film was the end result.

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 74

Entering The Stronghold & White

Entering The Stronghold by Matthias Müller.

White by Christoph Strohfeld.

3D Animated Graffitis

Sketch 15

Sketch 32

Sketch 73 (New Version)


ColorGraded in Color. Music: Sir Alexander Mackenzie – Matthew Joel.

血魚 The Bloody Fish

A story about a guy decides to make his love one a special dish, by creating a unique recipe of his own using a cat fish. Will it be a surprise? Or is the idea unique enough?

Directed by Dick Chua.

Dub Mafia :: Breakneck