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Entering The Stronghold & White

Entering The Stronghold by Matthias Müller.

White by Christoph Strohfeld.

3D Animated Graffitis

Sketch 15

Sketch 32

Sketch 73 (New Version)


ColorGraded in Color. Music: Sir Alexander Mackenzie – Matthew Joel.

血魚 The Bloody Fish

A story about a guy decides to make his love one a special dish, by creating a unique recipe of his own using a cat fish. Will it be a surprise? Or is the idea unique enough?

Directed by Dick Chua.

Dub Mafia :: Breakneck

The Good Little Bunny…

…with the Big Bad Teeth.

Redthing & Collapse



A short film made in the dying days of december as the moist earth carries rivers of muddy water through innumerable mini waterways to the sea.


A strange forest creature trying to find his own place on the food cycle by Gökalp Gönen.

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 73

Between Bears

Winner of best animation at vimeo’s first film festival by Eran Hilleli.