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The Incident At Tower 37

Sauberes Wasser für eine gesunde Welt / Clean Water for a Healthy World.

Passend zum weltweiten Tag des Wassers dieser schön animierte Kurzfilm:

Tower 37 siphons every drop of water from a once-pristine lake, that is, until the station’s steward realizes that it is slowly destroying an entire ecosystem.

The Incident at Tower 37 (2009) is a ten-minute HD animated film, written and directed by Chris Perry and produced within the collaborative animation curriculum at Hampshire College.

BMX Slowmotion 7D 2000 fps

Directed by Oton Bačar.

The Aurora by Terje Sorgjerd

“I spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years.

Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, at 70 degree north and 30 degrees east. Temperatures around -25 Celsius. Good fun.”

Shortfilm: Blinky™

Soon every home will have a robot helper. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe.

| Written & Directed by Ruairi Robinson |

SpectraSoul :: Lost Disciple

SpectraSoul “Lost Disciple / Reminiscence” (Release Date 4th April 2011).

Editing and Animation by Richard Payne.

Street Art by Dimitris Taxis

Dimitris Taxis lebt und arbeitet in Athen, Griechenland. Mehr Fotos in seiner Deviantart-Galerie.

Dimitris Taxis

Dimitris Taxis

Dimitris Taxis

| Images © Dimitris Taxis |

3D Animated Graffitis: Sketch 78, 79 & 80

Sketch 80

Sketch 79

Sketch 78

Three-Dimensional Graffitis by Peeta

Auch wenn diese dreidimensionalen Graffitis aussehen, als seien sie mit dem Computer gemacht, wurden sie von Peeta auf Wände innerhalb und außerhalb von Gebäuden gemalt.

| Images © Peeta |

The Cyclotrope

The Cyclotrope – Created and animated by Tim Wheatley.

The Cyclotrope is a cycle of 18 images that is spun at a certan speed so that the frame rate of the camera filming it gives the illusion of animation.

WaveRider :: Double Trouble

Title: WaveRider “Double Trouble”.

Design & production: Serge Tardif.