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OPERATOR: Stopmotion Scifi Horror Episode 1 & 2

Stopmotion webseries directed by Sam Barnett about a corporation that unleashed a plague of biomechanical parasites on its workers.

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Short animation created by Marco Lucente.

The Shark In The Park

The Shark in the Park visualizes the growth and development process of a special strawberry species called “Parco Pistris” which has been discovered by a Korean scientifical research group KSPRI in 2016.

Director: Polynoid • Music: Hot Sugar “There’s A Man Waiting At The Bottom Of The Stairs”.

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Welcome To Paradise

Follow our main character, Eggs, whilst he drags what seems to be a massive entertainment machine across a vast wasteland. What lengths will he go through to keep this machine running?

A film made in University of Hertfordshire by Alex Baro Cayetano, Veronika Epsteina, Amelie Talarmain & Simeon Ganev.

14: The Movie

A short movie by Juliette Coutellier, Charlotte Da-Ros, Cyril Flous, Amélie Graffet, David Jurine and Roxane Martinez, made in Supinfocom Arles in 2015.

Original music by Alexandre Chaigniau.

OMD :: Isotype

Based on the amazing work of Gerd Arntz.

Illustration & Animation by Henning M. Lederer.

Music taken from the forthcoming album “The Punishment of Luxury” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.


A humorous take on the dangers of over-working.

A film by Foreign Fauna.

Am I A Replicant ?

A computer questions its origins by analyzing the film Blade Runner.

Created by Benjamin Bardou.

Pinky Toe

Overwhelmed by a “phantom itch” from his missing pinky toe, a man must come to terms with his situation or succumb completely to his obsession.

A film by Mathieu Libman • Music Composed by Paul Michael Cardon.

Narration by Nick D’Agostino • Set Fabrication by Ming-Huei Huang.


Created by Alex McLeod • Audio: Spencer Cathcart.