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Noisia & Mayhem Ft. KRS One – Exodus (Video)

|Directed by Alexander Lehmann|

Beautiful Corruption

Music: Mergrim | Visual: Masato TSUTSUI

Noisia :: Machine Gun

This video is an abstract story of mankind and it’s self-destructiveness, loosely based on the tale of Frankenstein’s monster, which is exactly what a machine gun is.

Robot Nametake

Japanese breakbeats duo Hifana with the track “Robot Nametake”.

Storyboard frame stylization, lighting and colouring by Marek Okon.

SpectraSoul :: Lost Disciple

SpectraSoul “Lost Disciple / Reminiscence” (Release Date 4th April 2011).

Editing and Animation by Richard Payne.

WaveRider :: Double Trouble

Title: WaveRider “Double Trouble”.

Design & production: Serge Tardif.

Matta :: Release The Freq

Official video for “Matta – Release The Freq”, from the album “Prototype”.

Direction, Design, Cinematography, Editing, 3D & Animation by Kim Holm.

Selbyville :: Until Dark

From the album “Plumpuddinger’s Voyage”.

Designed & animated by Derek Kimball.

The Beatles :: Smack My Bitch Up (Live)

Die Beatles spielen Prodigy`s “Smack My Bitch Up”. Live.

Kilotone :: Plastic Ties

Artist: Kilotone // Title: Plastic Ties // Director: Blake Rainey.